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Unlike the other teeth in your mouth, wisdom teeth aren’t necessary. In fact, they can become trouble makers that threaten the health and integrity of nearby teeth and cause serious pain and discomfort.

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This is why five million people have their wisdom teeth removed every year. Our Wheaton wisdom tooth dentist is proud to specialize in wisdom teeth extraction for teen and young adult patients. Even if your wisdom teeth haven’t grown in yet, it may be time to remove them to prevent complications.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third (and final!) set of molars to grow into the mouth. Most people don’t get their wisdom teeth until their mid to late teens or early twenties, and some people never get them at all!

When wisdom teeth do erupt, they emerge in the four back corners of the mouth. These teeth were very important to ancient humans, who relied on them to grind raw plant tissue and tough foods. Today, however, we don’t have the same need for wisdom teeth. Our mouths are now smaller and often don’t have enough space to fit wisdom teeth if they erupt.

Impacted wisdom teeth

The Importance of Early Wisdom Teeth Removal

This is why it’s important to remove wisdom teeth before they have the chance to erupt in the mouth and cause problems. Most adults with wisdom teeth experience overcrowding, discomfort, and pain until the teeth are removed.

Our DPD Smiles dental team monitors the progression of wisdom teeth in all of our patients. If we notice any signs of trouble, we recommend extraction as soon as our patients are old enough to undergo the surgery. It’s best to undergo wisdom teeth removal as a teenager or young adult, as recovery is much quicker and easier on the patient.

Complications if Wisdom Teeth Are Not Removed

Crowding Teeth from Wisdom Tooth


Wisdom tooth pushes against other teeth causing crowding.

Erosion Cavity from Wisdom Tooth

Erosion Cavity

Wisdom tooth hits neighboring molar and causes infection.

Wisdom Tooth Cyst


Cysts can damage other teeth and destroy bone.

Wisdom Tooth Infection


An infection can form when an impacted tooth pushes through the gum.

Removing wisdom teeth is an important preventative measure to avoid serious complications down the road, including:

  • Pain, swelling, and stiffness in the jaw
  • Shifting and crowding of other permanent teeth
  • Damage to tooth roots and jawbone
  • Unpleasant taste and odor in the mouth
  • Difficulty opening the mouth
  • Tender and bleeding gums
  • Teeth then become impacted into the gums
  • Undoing costly orthodontic work

Our skilled oral surgery team is here to tackle all wisdom teeth challenges and ensure lasting oral health. We use cutting-edge technologies like 3D imaging to ensure precision and success with every patient.

How much does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

To get started, you’ll first need to know if you or your child indeed need to have your wisdom teeth removed. DPD Smiles offers Oral Surgery / Wisdom Teeth Removal Consults. Wisdom teeth extraction costs do vary depending on the complexity of the removal, so having a consult will allow our team to layout an exact quote for you.

While coverage varies by the insurer and policy, most dental insurances cover wisdom teeth removal that is deemed medically necessary. Our team will call and check on your dental benefits for you. One of the many bonuses in choosing DPD Smiles for your oral surgery procedure is that we work with most dental insurances to accommodate our patients. If you don’t have insurance or not all of the procedure will be covered, we offer a 90 day interest free payment plan that all patients can take advantage of.

Sedation Options during Wisdom Teeth Extraction

With our oral surgery, we offer multiple sedation options to ensure total comfort and safety during wisdom teeth extraction. The sedation options include laughing gas, general anesthesia and IV sedation. Our oral surgeon will discuss these options with you and together move forward with the sedation method that best fits your needs.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is a management technique that helps patients stay asleep while receiving dental care. Our specifically-trained anesthesia experts administer the anesthesia medications and monitor your child while the dentist performs the wisdom teeth extraction.

IV Sedation with an Anesthesiologist

If the patient needs, we can offer IV sedation. IV sedation involves administering a sedative through a vein to help the medication work quickly. The amount of sedative used is carefully tailored to each patient to reduce the risk of complications and side effects.

There are many benefits to IV sedation, including:

  • Patients can still respond to the dentist
  • Easy recovery period
  • Reduces the gag reflex and limits anxiety
  • Stronger sedative effect than nitrous oxide

Our oral surgeon is licensed to provide IV sedation, along with our two incredible pediatric anesthesiologist we have on staff. Learn more about our incredible dental team here.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Consultation

Call our DPD Smiles dental office in Wheaton to learn more about our wisdom teeth extraction services and schedule your consultation. We work with most dental insurance providers and provide convenient in-office financing options.

We accept most insurances

Excited Child With Mouth Open


Oral surgery
consults for all ages!