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Millions of children receive braces every year to correct “bad bites” and crooked teeth. The orthodontic team at DPD Smiles understands the importance of braces but also knows that your child might feel hesitant to begin this type of orthodontic treatment.

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That’s why we’re here to make the braces experience as upbeat, exciting, and comfortable as possible! Our cutting-edge Pitts 21 braces are more attractive and efficient than normal braces, so patients of all ages can receive the essential orthodontic care they need without feeling self-conscious.

What Are Pitts 21 Braces?

Our Wheaton orthodontist exclusively uses Pitts 21 braces. As the first and only self-ligating system available, Pitts 21 braces don’t require rubber bands like traditional braces.

Instead, this braces system uses a revolutionary square wire finishing that uses 30% to 40% lighter forces with greater control. It’s possible to shape a straight, attractive smile in as few as 4 wires. Better yet, these braces achieve predictable results without the discomfort or pain associated with standard braces.

The Best Braces for a Full Smile

Pitts 21 was designed to create wide, beautiful 12 tooth smiles. By comparing the two images below, you can see the Pitts 21 difference. It’s incredible! The 6 tooth smile is narrow, with dark corridors near the corners of the mouth. The 12 tooth smile is a wider, more beautiful smile. Since Pitts 21 is for all ages, you can see why a lot of adults opt for Pitts 21 braces over traditional braces!

12 tooth smile vs 6 tooth smile from braces

Benefits of Pitts 21 Braces vs. Traditional Braces

Teenagers usually dread getting braces, but braces have never been so easy thanks to Pitts 21. Above all, our DPD Rockstars are always excited to learn the following:

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    Exceptional Comfort

    Specially designed to move teeth faster with less force provides almost no discomfort to our patients. In addition, the smaller profile of the braces along with the smooth, round edges allow for a more comfortable experience. 

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    Faster Treatment

    The innovative design of Pitts 21 braces, the placement of the brackets combined, with our orthodontist's expertise has our patients often finishing treatment two to three months faster! 

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    Fewer Appointments

    Children, teens and adults all have busy schedules these days. You can experience fewer orthodontic check-ups with our braces system.

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    More Hygienic

    Pitts 21 braces don't use rubber bands and are smaller than traditional braces. This allows for less plaque build-up, reduced rates of gingivitis, easier brushing and flossing and easier for our dentist to clean.

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    Quality Results

    With our braces system, we not only straighten teeth but we also correct bites, create big, full 12-tooth smiles, and boost confidence! When we can go from hiding our smiles to showing them off, a massive shift in our self-confidence takes place. This is the most rewarding part for us and our patients.

Why Are Braces Important?

There are numerous factors that may potentially impact your child’s tooth alignment and jaw development. Thumbsucking, inherited dental problems, early or late tooth loss, and overcrowding are just a few of the most common reasons that children ultimately need braces.

The most obvious benefit of braces is the aesthetic perk: your child’s smile will appear straight, natural, and attractive. However, there are many additional reasons that braces are critical to your child’s oral health. Skipping braces and failing to correct crooked teeth or an abnormal bite could result in these serious problems:

  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth loss
  • Gum disease
  • Erosion of enamel
  • Jaw problems and pain
  • Difficulty talking and chewing

This is exactly why DPD Smiles offers an innovative braces system to help children and teenagers improve bad bites and malocclusion in the best way possible.

How much do Braces cost?

Since costs will vary due to each patient’s unique needs, we offer Orthodontic Consultations. This no obligation consult will allow our orthodontist to see if braces are indeed the best course of action and allow us to layout a treatment plan with associated costs and a timeline of completion.

Most orthodontic insurance will cover a significant amount of the cost. We accept most dental insurances to help accommodate our large patient base. In the event you do not have orthodontic coverage or would like to pay for the braces over time, we do provide in-office dental financing!

Schedule Your Braces Consultation

Call our Wheaton office today to learn more about our children’s orthodontic services and schedule a consultation for your child or teenager. We use techniques like no-mess impressions and 3D imaging to make the orthodontic experience as pleasant as possible, and we even provide in-office financing with 90-days interest free!

We accept most insurances

Young Girl With Orthodontic Braces

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