Melissa Campos
Melissa C.
14:52 02 Jul 20
Great service! Really enjoyed the atmosphere; I definitely recommend 🙂
Diane Feutz
Diane F.
23:59 25 Jun 20
They always do their best to make the kids feel comfortable. Very efficient, friendly staff!!!
Millie G
Millie G
03:11 24 Jun 20
Great dentist practice! My kids loved it. All the staff made them feel welcome and comfortable. I would definitely recommend it.
Sylwia Dyduch
Sylwia D.
13:40 22 Jun 20
Great service, excellent customer service. Love this place for my daughter.
John Creek
John C.
12:59 17 May 20
Dr Joshi and the team are incredible. During the lockdown they came in twice to see my child who was in severe pain from an infection that spread from her gums to her cheek. They went above and beyond to be available for my many nervous calls, additional safety measure for us to come in, and coordinate with their oral surgeon to be in office for a joint surgery. I have to say the support and professionalism from the front desk to the drs and assistants was like nothing I have experienced in many other medical/dental offices. These guys are so organized and thus my long commute is worth every visit. I was hesitant at first from some of the negative reviews I read and thus I can say my in my experience those folks are wrong. Thank you DPD!
Karly Sinise
Karly S.
15:45 24 Apr 20
We have been SO happy with Dr. Joshi and DPD Smiles. My 8 year old daughter had some serious fear of going to the dentist and they have been able to get her to do proper cleanings, x-rays, and sealants. Most recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, my 2-year-old son fell down the stairs and hit his face really hard. I contacted them and they got back to me ASAP with advice and offered to see him right away for an emergency exam and x-ray. The facility is very clean, staff is attentive, and they really aim to create an enjoyable experience for children while providing top medical care. Thank you!
Christine Marie
Christine M.
18:09 30 Mar 20
My 5yr old loved our experience here! He said it was awesome and cant wait to come back!
Phil Mirante
Phil M.
17:34 24 Mar 20
I can not express more how amazing Dr. Joshi and Claire were when responding to our son's dental emergency. In a time of uncertainty, Dr. Joshi opened up her practice to make sure our son was cared for. We were the only people in her office and she took all safety precautions to make sure we all felt comfortable. Not to mention she responded via email and phone many times to answer all of our questions. We feel so thankful for DPD smiles! Our son was in the best care and is feeling so much better!
Amy Hays Craane
Amy Hays C.
22:50 17 Mar 20
This is a fantastic group of professionals who truly care about your kids and their health.I have 6 kids, and if I could, I would leave 3 fantastic reviews, one each for the average number of kids normal people have!Go to DPD Smiles. You’ll be glad you did!
Amy Craane
Amy C.
22:45 17 Mar 20
My 6 kids have always gotten excellent care there. My daughter has some medical issues which make her teeth vulnerable to cavities.They have doggies that can come sit with you! (My daughter is 19).If the excellent care and friendly staff weren’t enough to convince us to give 5 stars, then the doggies certainly did!
Erin Morrison
Erin M.
21:12 17 Mar 20
Thanks DPD Smiles, great job as usual! 4 kids with clean teeth 💕💕
Laura Mendala
Laura M.
22:18 10 Mar 20
My kids absolutely love it here! They really cater toward each kid and make them feel comfortable. Highly recommend!
Emily Adorjan
Emily A.
18:53 09 Mar 20
DPD smiles is great. The staff are engaging and make my daughters feel comfortable.
Linda Zamudio Polacek
Linda Zamudio P.
17:42 07 Mar 20
Friendly staff and environment. kids feel welcome and at ease.
Allison Valentine
Allison V.
22:27 05 Mar 20
We have been going to DPD Smiles for 3 years. Dr. Joshi and all of the staff are fantastic! Thanks to their practice my kids are not at all fearful of going to the dentist, it is always a positive experience!
Diane Feutz
Diane F.
22:01 04 Mar 20
I have been using DPD for my children’s dental care needs for years. Our visits are always efficient, the doctors and staff are all amazing, and there are new improvements every visit! They even have dogs to help the kids relax during their visit. Highly recommended!
Joy Roth
Joy R.
18:42 03 Mar 20
We love DPD smiles !Dr Joshi is great ! The office is so fun for the kids. They look forward to going to see Dr Joshi 😊
Tiffany Honeywood
Tiffany H.
23:41 27 Feb 20
Wonderful People. Very friendly and very professional. This was my first time here and my son did great with their help.
Cory j
Cory j
14:39 22 Feb 20
We have been coming here since the new dentists took over several years ago. They were recommended for my now 12 year old who is on the spectrum and was unable to deal with the other two practices we had tried up until then. There were able to work with him in a way that didn't upset him and everything has gone great for years now, so much so that he is now in braces and tolerating it well.In terms of braces, DPD was one of four local dentists we went to for quotes on Invisalign style braces. They were about $1,500 less than everyone else.I'm very happy with the practice and would recommend them to anyone.
Julie Potter
Julie P.
00:28 21 Feb 20
The practice is awesome. AJ and Doctor are the best. They will be in a new office in Wheaton pretty soon. I am so thankful they have my 3 kids as patients. All state of the art techniques. My boys are getting their wisdom teeth out on Saturday. AJ specifically called to ask if there were any worries or concerns about the procedure so they would get the best proper treatment to reduce worry and anxiety. I would highly recommend Dr. Joshi. The attention and service are bar none.
RoDina L. Williams
RoDina L. W.
18:36 20 Feb 20
Dr. Joshi and the team at DPD Smiles are AMAZING! From the initial assessment to the actual dental procedure, the team stayed in touch and made sure all questions were answered. We were fully involved with choosing the treatments for our son and were given the pros and cons for each option. This enabled us to make informed decisions about our son’s dental health. Dr. Joshi called the day before our son’s procedure to ask if there were any questions or concerns. She truly cares about her patients. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist office that truly cares about your child, DPD Smiles is the best choice to make.
RoDina Williams
RoDina W.
18:26 20 Feb 20
Dr. Joshi and the team at DPD Smiles are AMAZING! From the initial assessment to the actual dental procedure, the team stayed in touch and made sure all questions were answered. We were fully involved with choosing the treatments for our son and were given the pros and cons for each option. This enabled us to make informed decisions about our son’s dental health. Dr. Joshi called the day before our son’s procedure to ask if there were any questions or concerns. She truly cares about her patients. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist office that truly cares about your child, DPD Smiles is the best choice to make.
Jeff Kovich
Jeff K.
14:54 20 Feb 20
The staff is great!!!! However we did have one instance where one of the dental assistants should have had extra patience with our son whose special needs.
Kim Wilson Carroll
Kim Wilson C.
16:39 17 Feb 20
Great team ! The care and follow up with everything from a surgery to an appointment is amazing. Highly recommend .
Cheryl Fundakowski
Cheryl F.
14:04 13 Feb 20
My kids LOVE Dr. Joshi! The staff is so wonderful with them,!
Laurie Grippi Schafer
Laurie Grippi S.
20:50 10 Feb 20
Our appointment at DPD Smiles was great today for my 4 and 6 year old. My 6 year old kept getting her sealant wet so her appointment took longer than expected and the hygienist was so patient and encouraging with my nervous daughter. It was overall a great experience.
Anna Shindler Olson
Anna Shindler O.
21:50 22 Jan 20
Dr. Joshi always goes above and beyond to make our daughter comfortable, Ajay is always readily available to answer any appointment and financial questions we might have and the assistants have all been very nice. The comfort dogs and toy machine at the end are just bonus. We recommend DPD smiles to everyone we know.
Alison Bruder
Alison B.
16:37 21 Jan 20
Love this dentist! Very friendly and explains everything well. My son loves the kid touches all over - waiting room toys, funny signs and decor and then the tokens/prize at the end. I love the very up to date business communication- through email and text - which isn’t an option at a lot of offices.
Kathryn Elizabeth
Kathryn E.
14:43 18 Jan 20
Written by my son with anxiety:I think this office is the best one because the xrays are smaller and don’t choke me. Other offices use adult xrays and it’s scary. If I am scared, the doctors are patient and let me take my time. This is the best office for kids!
Rebekah Bageant
Rebekah B.
20:56 15 Jan 20
This is our favorite dentist ever! our kids get EXCITED to go to the dentist and they are so kind and caring. we have a special needs child too and even she is happy going. thanks DPD smiles!
Rebekah Sohmer Bageant
Rebekah Sohmer B.
20:56 15 Jan 20
This is our favorite dentist ever! our kids get EXCITED to go to the dentist and they are so kind and caring. we have a special needs child too and even she is happy going. thanks DPD smiles!
Dionne Brown
Dionne B.
20:45 08 Jan 20
My children have been going to DPD smiles for 5 years my children are now 17,12, 5. Dr Joshi is very patient and explains things in detail for our children so they will be more comfortable. AJ knows all of my children by first name and they love him. DPD smiles has been accommodating for us in every in all sorts of ways. I hope they will soon open up for adults. Dr Chong experience /technique saved me I'm estimating about 3000 at the least with my daughter issue I was told by another Orthodontist she would need implants. Dr. Chong told me in this case he would not need to do that and my daughters teeth look absolutely fantastic #superhappy
Dionne Redditt
Dionne R.
20:42 08 Jan 20
My children have been going to DPD smiles for 5 years my children are now 17,12, 5. Dr Joshi is very patient and explains things in detail for our children so they will be more comfortable. AJ knows all of my children by first name and they love him. DPD smiles has been accommodating for us in a lot of different ways and it is appreciated. I hope they will soon open up for adults. Dr Chong experience /technique saved me I'm estimating about 3000 at the least with my daughter issue I was told by another Orthodontist she would need implants. Dr. Chong told me in this case he would not need to do that and my daughters teeth look absolutely fantastic #superhappy
Kyle Buchta
Kyle B.
17:12 12 Dec 19
We had a great experience at DPD for my son’s first appointment. Everyone was extremely friendly and accommodating. We left tear free! Definitely recommend! #keepsmilingwithdpd #buzzybooth
Erin Morrison
Erin M.
20:55 11 Dec 19
Just had a cavity filled in my 4yo, she was comfortable the whole time! Great job team!!
Korrin Begy
Korrin B.
21:31 10 Dec 19
Great caring staff , daughter was really nervous about getting a tooth pulled and they were excellent and exception at caring to her nervousness
Katie Fils
Katie F.
00:41 03 Dec 19
All 3 kids were checked & cleaned in under an hour; all at the same time. Convenient for our busy schedule. The waiting room is kid friendly and immaculately clean (love the idea of taking off wet/dirty shoes at the door-just like at home). We had fun with the selfie machine! The kids loved being greeted by the two new therapy dogs. So sweet & obedient. The staff is pleasant. Dr Joshi helped Reinforce the importance of proper hygiene to my less than willing tween and helped us come up with a treatment plan. My kids also enjoyed picking a new toothbrush and getting a coin for the prize machine. An added bonus. #keepsmilingwithdpd #buzzybooth
asish merin joseph
asish merin J.
00:32 22 Nov 19
Was a wonderful experience. The staff are so good at handling kids. Totally stress free experience. Would love to be back here again for our next routine check.
Barbara Ibanez
Barbara I.
22:22 19 Nov 19
We had a great experience. I will be bringing my daughter there from now on.
Jessica Welman
Jessica W.
01:24 12 Nov 19
We love dpd. My daughter actually gets excited and looks forward to going to the dentist since we've been going to dpd. Highly recommend.
Vanes Justine
Vanes J.
16:14 30 Oct 19
Thank you Dr. Joshi for a wonderful first visit to the dentist!
Kasey Petrowsky
Kasey P.
16:40 29 Oct 19
We’ve had wonderful experiences at DPD. Our son had 2 small cavities once and they handled him with such care. Making sure he never felt embarrassed or shamed and helping him make better dental choices in the future! Thanks DPD.
c noensie
c N.
21:20 16 Oct 19
Can not say enough about how much we appreciate everyone at DPD. My daughter has had several procedures and all have gone incredibly smooth. Having had a terrible experience at another Glen Ellyn peds dentist, my daughter was nervous at her 1st appt at DPD but now truly loves coming to the dentist. She just got braces with Dr. Chong and yet again another thoughtful, pain free, caring experience!
Megan Walker McNeal
Megan Walker M.
17:37 02 Oct 19
The staff is very nice and make my daughter very comfortable. We very rarely have to wait very long and are usually in and out on 30 mins or so. I highly recommend DPD Smiles!
Lisa McNally
Lisa M.
14:59 02 Oct 19
We love it here! Enjoyable experience & very friendly. All 4 of my kids are patients. 🤩
Jessica Pool
Jessica P.
19:53 28 Sep 19
Always a great place to go
K Gross
K G.
15:28 18 Sep 19
Friendly and patient staff! My son always leaves with a smile ( and a brighter one !!)
mac sadler
mac S.
17:33 22 Aug 19
Just great. Very engaging and accommodating to our son with special needs. I can not recommend them highly enough.
Stephanie Zendlock
Stephanie Z.
18:04 21 Aug 19
We had a great experience with our first visit! Both my girls (4.5 yo and 1.5 yo) were seen and all the staff were very friendly and great with them. The girls loved the waiting room with all the toys and books. My oldest needed xrays and was very nervous, but the staff did a great job of keeping her calm and distracted enough to get all the xrays done. They explained everything well to both my daughter and me, and answered all my questions. Then came time to see my 1.5 yo for her first check up and cleaning. She screamed and cried pretty much the whole time but they were so good at getting the job done and keeping it as quick as they could, and handled her difficult mood in a very calm, seemingly easy manner. Overall such a great experience and would definitely recommend!
Maggie Mattheessen
Maggie M.
14:17 20 Aug 19
My 18 month old had a blast at DPD this morning! The staff is great and always makes it a fun time
Kelly Ann
Kelly A.
15:58 25 Jul 19
My 3.5 years old had his first appointment today. What and amazing experience!! The place was so clean and kid friendly. I was also so impressed by how well the staff worked with my son. He LOVED it! Can’t wait for our next visit!
Linda Polacek
Linda P.
00:06 25 Jul 19
The environment is friendly and fun. Kids aren't scared to go to the dentist. Staff is also very nice and helpful.
Katie Bordner
Katie B.
00:13 19 Jul 19
Great staff! Excellent dental work! The office staff is very organized & fun, with great communication. Dr. Joshi & the hygienists are very attentive & so kind to the kiddos. Highly recommend!
Maria Selvaggio
Maria S.
18:15 17 Jul 19
Great first experience with my two year old who chipped her two front teeth, Dr. Yoshi was kind and calm and helped make a plan to fix them!
Lorene Himpelmann
Lorene H.
19:48 15 Jul 19
Always on time, quick, friendly, and thorough. No anxiety from my kid anymore.
Marie Peterson
Marie P.
22:04 11 Jul 19
Dr Joshi and her staff are a blessing to my family. My son suffers from anxiety among other issues. DPD has taken their time with him and have shown so much patience and compassion. He still suffers from anxiety but not as much when he has dental appointments with DPD. They are truly exceptional and incredibly good at what they do. I wish I knew about them when he was much younger.
Jessica Foust
Jessica F.
20:53 10 Jul 19
They are always up front about everything. They make the kids feel comfortable.
Rabia Umair
Rabia U.
03:18 20 Apr 19
Great staff!!!super friendly simply the best dentist office for any kid but if you got kid with special needs this is the ultimate place for you
Stephanie Koenig Corlee
Stephanie Koenig C.
17:31 13 Apr 19
The staff is very courteous and goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcome.
Galina Capo
Galina C.
17:20 02 Apr 19
We were a little late in the game and had our first visit with a few cavities present. I really appreciated the delicate honesty without any shaming. My son had a wonderful experience and loves going in to see Dr.Joshi. The assistants were amazing as well, making the atmosphere light and fun for both the kids and the parents 🙂
Kelly Thue
Kelly T.
01:34 29 Mar 19
We love Dr. Joshi and her team at DPD Smiles, When it was time to bring my eldest daughter who was 2yo to the dentist for the first time I chose DPD Smiles because it was the closest pediatric dentist to my house and they took my insurance....those were really my only considerations at the time. Took my daughter to her appointment. Everyone there is super energetic and makes the entire experience fun. The waiting room has cool toys and kids get prizes at the end of the appointment. Overall a great first dentist appointment. Fast forward a few months, my daughter has a bad fall and damages her two front teeth. It was really scary and my poor daughter needed a few procedures to help correct the damage. Dr Joshi was AMAZING!!! Took great care of my daughter and I...was so gentle with her and took her time explaining all options and answering all my questions. The DPD Smiles team made a very traumatic event easier for us. Even with having a root canal and tooth extraction all before the age of 3 my daughter has no anxiety about going to the dentist and still enjoys seeing Dr. Joshi.
Lisa Barr
Lisa B.
19:54 28 Mar 19
Dr Joshi and her staff are amazing. We always have the best experience at DPD!!! We travel from so far to come to see Dr. Joshi and always will!
Brandy Jones-Crenshaw
Brandy J.
01:07 21 Feb 19
My 5 year old had challenges with his current local dentist (who was not kid friendly). So I did some searching and found DPS. I was so impressed and pleased with this office. The staff is GREAT and they really cater to children. My son was a lot more at ease and the visit went good!! I live in Elgin but don’t mind the drive...it’s well worth the trip!!!
Brandy Jones
Brandy J.
00:57 21 Feb 19
This office and all the staff was GREAT!! They made my son feel as ease!! Highly recommended!!
Christina Lorek
Christina L.
13:17 10 Feb 19
Dr. Joshi and her staff were so amazing in easing our anxiety about the dentist. My daughter walked our excited to go home and brush her teeth!
Jes Pashea Mostardini
Jes Pashea M.
17:47 09 Feb 19
Highly recommend! Staff is extremely kind and accommodating,waiting room/office is very clean . You just walk in and get good vibes. My daughter loves going to the dentist! Thank you DPD for always providing a wonderful experience!
Amy Peeler
Amy P.
20:44 05 Feb 19
The dentists and assistants were efficient, friendly, and very good with children!
Marla Grogan
Marla G.
18:59 05 Feb 19
We came to DPD Smiles with my daughter for a 2nd opinion. Check in was super easy as I submitted all of my paperwork online ahead of time. Staff and dentist were all very nice and were patient dealing with my daughter, who has autism. Received great advice and guidance and everything was explained so that I felt comfortable. Will come again.
David WonderfulDental Epstein
David WonderfulDental E.
20:45 03 Feb 19
Great team! Thanks always!
Jimy T
Jimy T
16:36 28 Jan 19
I have been in treatment for the last 3 months and it has been a great experience so far. Things look much better already. Would definitely recommend Dr. Chong for Invisalign treatment.
Kenneth Pepper
Kenneth P.
01:13 28 Jan 19
Great service. Very very patient.
Rocio Ortiz
Rocio O.
16:55 18 Jan 19
Professional, friendly staff. Very accomodating and patient with children.
Mildred M Giron
Mildred M G.
16:56 11 Jan 19
A lovely clinic with an amazing staff of professionals who never fail to be friendly and helpful. They know exactly what they are doing and how to do it efficiently, and I don't think we have ever felt as comfortable in another office as we are in theirs. Great place!
Tish Alvarez
Tish A.
21:10 07 Jan 19
From the first visit, both doctor and assistants have done a superb job. Clean, friendly and very informative on options available for treatment. Dr is understanding on my son’s fear and is very reassuring. Assistants answer all my son and my questions (in person and via email). Very glad I found this location and the treatment plan that has been put in place.
Ramya Rao
Ramya R.
23:52 06 Jan 19
Dr. Joshi is a pleasure to work with. They are sweet and gentle with my daughters and friendly and informative as well. I highly recommend them to anyone! Couldn't ask for better care!
Sachi Mahajan
Sachi M.
17:56 06 Jan 19
I highly recommend DPD Smiles. The staff is professional and very well anticipates what kids need. The facility is kid friendly too and kids love it! It’s always a pleasure meeting Dr. Joshi 🙂
Aneri Patel
Aneri P.
17:45 06 Jan 19
Loved the experience here! The staff was super welcoming and accomdating and the environment was inviting and calming. Definitely reccommend for pediatric dental work!
Darshan Patel
Darshan P.
17:42 06 Jan 19
The service was great. Had a great experience with my permanent braces being put in. Both Dr. Joshi and Dr. Chong were friendly and helpful.
Bob Patel
Bob P.
22:51 05 Jan 19
Everything from the first call to all the goodies at the end of the appointment has been amazing. I’ve never seen my kids have this kind of fun and walk away with a wealth of of good lessons and habits from Dr. Joshi and her team. It was also nice meeting Dr. Chong, the orthodontist, who squeezed us into his busy schedule for a quick consultation. It puts me at ease knowing he works so closely with Dr. Joshi on my kids comprehensive care
Arun Jaikumar
Arun J.
13:45 05 Jan 19
Comprehensive pediatric and orthodontic services. My kids were in their happy place all due to the well trained and thorough doctors and staff. Could not be happier!
Rebecca Boskovic
Rebecca B.
16:25 04 Jan 19
Excellent service. Dr. Joshi knows how to create a fun environment for children and put them at ease. My kids actually look forward to going to the dentist thanks to her. Thank you!
Rebecca Boskovic
Rebecca B.
20:21 03 Jan 19
Excellent service. Dr. Joshi knows how to create a fun environment for children and out them at ease. My kids actually look forward to going to the dentist.
Kimberly Chang
Kimberly C.
03:32 20 Dec 18
Very caring, attentive doctor, & staffs. Will definitely recommend DPD Smiles.
Heather Adame
Heather A.
20:58 14 Dec 18
The doctors are very knowledgeable and kind. They make you feel very comfortable. I would recommend them to everyone!
Kristen Vicelli
Kristen V.
21:20 10 Dec 18
DPD Smiles is amazing with both my one year old and four year old. I highly recommend them and have only positive things to say about every person in that office!
Meredith Brown-Solfa
Meredith B.
19:35 06 Dec 18
Every visit with Dr. Joshi is great!
Karen Wirbicki-Kulczyski
Karen W.
21:43 05 Dec 18
It was great. We were taken before our appt time. We always have a positive experience when we come!
Jessica Welman
Jessica W.
22:33 05 Nov 18
my daughter has been a patient here for several years and we are extremely happy. she actually gets excited to see the dentist and show off how well she is doing with calling for her teeth.
Krista Mirabile
Krista M.
18:47 23 Oct 18
Today was my daughter’s first visit here, she had a consultation, second opinion and we got some helpful information. Overall, we liked it. They were professional, knowledgeable, friendly and great with kids! We will definitely be back for both my daughters 👍🏻👍🏻
Melissa Bradley
Melissa B.
20:23 18 Oct 18
The entire staff made my son's first appointment so easy and fun. Everyone worked quick and was extremely friendly. He's already excited for his next appointment.
Hayley Bradford
Hayley B.
12:06 08 Oct 18
Dr. Joshi and the staff are amazing! They do a great job of working with our 3 year old, and everyone is very kind and patient. They have a ton of fun things for the kids as well... prizes, toys, stickers, books, etc. Highly recommend!!
Hayley Bradford
Hayley B.
18:31 06 Oct 18
Dr. Joshi and the staff are amazing! They do a great job of working with our 3 year old, and everyone is very kind and patient. They have a ton of fun things for the kids as well... prizes, toys, stickers, books, etc. Highly recommend!!
Jackie Gibson
Jackie G.
01:16 28 Sep 18
I was so very impressed at our first appointment today! Thank you SO much to Megan and Dr. Joshi for making a toddler dental cleaning an EASY experience. She had a blast and has been playing dentist all night. Her teeth are squeaky clean and she loved all the take-home items.
anubhav verma
anubhav V.
17:25 19 Sep 18
Very friendly staff. Dr is awesome with kids. Definitely recommended.
Melissa Click
Melissa C.
03:27 17 Aug 18
We had such a wonderful experience today with my strong willed 3 year old. Megan, the dental hygienist really made an effort to get my daughter comfortable and talked to her on her level. Dr. Joshi was super knowledgeable and patient with my child. I would highly recommend bringing your child here. They will not disappoint!
Kim Krause
Kim K.
16:47 02 Aug 18
I appreciate that the staff & Dr., always take the time out to speak to the parents about the visit.
Mallory Bacon
Mallory B.
02:52 02 Aug 18
I highly recommend DPD Smiles. The staff is truly wonderful. One of my kids (age 3.5) thinks going to the dentist is the best thing ever because they make it such a great experience. My younger one (age 1.5) isn’t a fan of any type of care provider in general, but the staff was so patient and kind during our visit and made sure his exam was completed as quickly (read: efficiently) as possible to minimize the amount of tears, which made things a lot less stressful. It is apparent that the staff work great together as a team. Everyone is very friendly and professional. I’m very thankful we’ve found this practice and will continue to recommend it to others!
Arnika Diedrich
Arnika D.
16:23 01 Aug 18
Amazing Staff! Always make my daughter feel comfortable!
Sandy Laxner
Sandy L.
21:46 31 Jul 18
We were with Dr Kirtland and then Dr Joshi and have been going ever since. From front desk to hygienists to Dr joshi,all are so patient and gentle w/my 11yo who is on the Autism Spectrum! He went from needing 6 assistants to do a cleaning,now he does well on his own. No cavities! We are very pleased and recommend highley!
Hannah Joy Cohen
Hannah Joy C.
18:23 23 Jul 18
The doctor and assistants are extremely relaxed and patient. My kids loved going to the dentist!
Timothy Meeks, Jr.
Timothy Meeks, J.
11:57 11 Jul 18
Can’t ask for a better dentist and team.
Eva Johnson
Eva J.
18:11 26 Jun 18
My kids (4 & 2) exclaimed what a super fun morning they had! ... We spent it at the dentist. Enough said.
Andrea & Joe Z
Andrea & Joe Z
16:47 17 May 18
My 4 year old was nervous but had a great experience and felt welcomed by the staff. They do a great job with kids and the whole office is set up with kids in mind.
Hina Iqbal
Hina I.
17:45 10 May 18
very helpful people, scheduling was easy, Front desk staff, nurses and doctors are very respectful
Dani Wetzel
Dani W.
21:32 02 May 18
Dr. Joshi was so great with my 2 year old, I was so impressed and we wont go anywhere else!
Kassi Schumaker Hopkins
Kassi Schumaker H.
18:59 17 Apr 18
They were great with my almost 3-yo who in his own words “does not yike the dentist” and my 1-yo twins. My toddler ended up not wanting to leave and didn’t shed a single tear while we were there! Big win!
Amanda Griffith Vasak
Amanda Griffith V.
19:43 15 Mar 18
Such a great first dentist experience for our son! The staff was great and he had fun at the office. We will definitely be taking our son's back to DPD. 🙂
Amanda Vasak
Amanda V.
19:41 15 Mar 18
Such a positive experience for our 16 mos old's first ever dentist visit. Everyone was so nice and helpful and our son enjoyed the office setting - especially the big brown bear!
Becky Clark
Becky C.
14:10 11 Mar 18
Just fantastic people, literally every person in the office tried to make my son with autism feel welcomed and comfortable. They read all the paperwork I filled out and knew his likes/dislikes. They took time to let him get comfortable and never pushed him. I just brought typical my 2 yr old as well and had another great experience! 1/2 drive for us but totally worth it! Dr. Joshi has a great demeanor with kids, but doesn’t sugar coat the results for mom and dad. She really believes in healthy teeth!
Candy Pop Surprise
Candy Pop S.
19:01 08 Mar 18
I have taken my 4 year old daughter to 2 other dentists, each experience has been awful for her. Im so happy I have found this dentistry, now my daughter has a wonderful experience to remember. The staff was amazing & the dentist gave us a wonderful dental plan to continue @ home.
Mallory Bacon
Mallory B.
22:21 05 Feb 18
We had a great first experience! All the staff we interacted with were very kind and patient. My 3 year old loved the toys in the waiting room and of course the goody bag, prize, etc.! We'll be back in 6 mos!
Kathleen Rivera
Kathleen R.
20:14 30 Jan 18
To say that our experience with DPD was excellent, would be an understatement! From Ajay, to all the smiling assistants, to Dr. Joshi, it was such a refreshing and pleasant visit. They even stayed late to deal with my very fearful 6 year old! Everyone was so patient with him, it made the whole experience easier for my child and myself. We liked them so much (after they got us in for the very first time to address an emergency) that we have decided to switch both of our children over to this practice. Thank you DPD!
Husein Dhariwala
Husein D.
21:20 09 Dec 17
This is the best pediatric dentist. Staff is amazing and they will never make you feel like you are at Doctor's office. My 4yr did all her oral examination thinking as she was in theme park.The office is good and have decorated in themes per festival / season. We went during Halloween.Dr Kajal was best. She explained us all about dental care for my 4yr old.Nurses were good as well.
Bryan Dohman
Bryan D.
23:10 29 Nov 17
I can be a tough critic when it comes to service. I'm self-aware and try to take that into account before my reviews. For this review, I have nothing to hold back. I am wrapping up my 2nd year visiting DuPage Pediatric Dentistry.First, dental care is superb. My kids (4 & 6) have gone to the dentist several times and every experience has been positive. However, that positivity has not prevented serious apprehension (by them) on our visits. DuPage Pediatric Dentistry (DPD) explains everything to my kiddies on every visit. Gloves, mirrors, drills, & why the staff are doing x, y, or z. The apprehension visibly melts away (until the next visit-LOL) from their faces.Ajay & the billing staff explain everything & go the extra mile to avoid any surprises. That makes MY apprehension melt away. I truly appreciate DPD & refer them highly!
Krista Majewski
Krista M.
17:54 29 Nov 17
My son does not like doctors but there were no issues here. Everyone is great with young kids and we really appreciated how they explained everything to us and let him try the instruments. Thanks to everyone at the office for ensuring his first visit to the dentist was a good one!
Jessica Ewald
Jessica E.
19:56 21 Nov 17
I found DPD when needing a last minute appointment for my infant. They were able to fit me in and were extremely kind about it as well. Everyone was great with my infant and tag-along kids, I felt welcomed and my kids respected. Glad I stumbled across DPD!
Phoebe Elizabeth
Phoebe E.
18:30 14 Nov 17
This was the best experience for my scared 4 year old!! We watched the video before we went so she knew what to expect and then everyone was so awesome!!! She was a little scared but not one person lost their cool or got short with her...the just kept talking her down! The office is super kid friendly and clean!! I️ would tell anyone to go here!!!
Heidi Aubin
Heidi A.
03:09 10 Nov 17
It was my 2 year old daughter's first time visiting and we had a great experience. Everyone was so welcoming and patient with her. She loved the sticker, prize, and goody bag at the end. She actually didn't want to leave because she was enjoying the visit so much. I'm bringing my 1 year old daughter next week. 🙂
Wes Clay-Anderson
Wes C.
16:10 28 Sep 17
What an amazing first experience at the dentist! The staff are so nice. I will definitely recommend this place! Thank you for being so nice and informative.
Sunshine Echevarria
Sunshine E.
23:51 25 Sep 17
Always so attentive and caring! My children LOVE to go to the dentist, thanks to the team that they have. My children have been going here for years, and we wouldn't have it any other way!
MD Hossain
22:29 30 Aug 17
Dr. Joshi is very helpful. I got excellent service from her. The associates are also very helpful. The way they have treated my daughter Daneen is really amazing. I appreciate them without any doubt.
Maggie Romanovich
Maggie R.
17:27 08 Aug 17
A quick, yet thorough and positive experience! Love that I can go back with them. And Dr. Joshi is very hands on. She booked our appointment! They answer all our questions patiently and completely.
Martha Dean
Martha D.
21:01 24 Jul 17
Great doctor, great environment and most importantly, a great experience. We highly recommend Dr. Joshi and DuPage Pediatric Dentistry. Keep smiling!!!
Lisa Vitale Voke
Lisa Vitale V.
03:32 18 Jul 17
Dr. Joshi and staff are wonderful. They are pleasant, friendly and patient. Made my son feel at ease. Highly recommend if you are looking for a caring and personable pediatric dentist!
Caitlin Etheridge
Caitlin E.
02:22 15 Jul 17
The staff is nothing less than extraordinary for our 5yo. We will definitely be taking our 10month old when she's ready!
Morgan Lyons
Morgan L.
15:41 06 Jul 17
Awesome practice with a friendly staff!
Kathy Stiens Langlois
Kathy Stiens L.
16:28 28 Jun 17
The improvements since Dr. Joshi bought the practice are noticeable. Staff is friendly and professional. Scheduling is a breeze and NO MORE PAPER FORMS to fill out at every single visit! My kids grew up in this practice--as soon as they had teeth, we were there. The environment is so positive, that they have a great attitude--and no fear--of going to the dentist.
Kate Payton
Kate P.
14:15 28 Jun 17
Definite positive changes have been made since Dr. Joshi took over the practice. The dental hygienists are very patient and do a great job with my VERY difficult 3 year old.
Josh Bloomfield
Josh B.
15:06 27 Jun 17
Took my 5 year old son yesterday morning for his first check-up and to be ready for Kindergarten in the fall. We both had a blast. The entire staff was amazing, you could tell they love their job. The hygienists, x-ray tech, and Doctor really know how to make the little patients feel welcome and part of the experience. So happy we found DPD.
Ajay Dalwadi
Ajay D.
02:10 11 Jun 17
Everyone here are so friendly my son love to come here only.
Vanesa Legorburu Episcopo
Vanesa Legorburu E.
23:56 01 May 17
My sons and I are very pleased with the treatment that they always receive here. Everyone is very kind, polite and knowledgeable. Doctor Joshi and her whole staff rocks!! Thank you!!!
Kristine Hearley Kulseth
Kristine Hearley K.
17:02 28 Apr 17
My daughter loved her first visit here. We had previously taken her to our regular dentist and she was nervous and squirmy. Dr. Joshi and staff did an amazing job putting her at ease and she left with a bag full of goodies that she carried around all afternoon. Definitely a fun welcoming environment for the kids, and I left feeling informed and confident in her care.
Asha Vishwanath Patel
Asha Vishwanath P.
20:20 07 Apr 17
Everyone there is so awesome! Very kid friendly, highly recommend it!
Ronak Maisuria
Ronak M.
16:34 06 Apr 17
Everyone here was so warm and friendly - my 2 year old had a blast at her dentist's visit and that is no easy feat! We'd gone to another place before this where she did not have the best experience, but the experience here was absolutely wonderful. My daughter was all smiles the whole visit and she's already asking to go back. If you're looking for a pediatric dentist, stop your search - this is the place to go.
Jessica Rawlings
Jessica R.
19:17 14 Mar 17
We've gone here from my now 9 year olds first visit. We stayed through the change in dentists and they do an amazing job with all 3 of my boys.
Amanda Joshi
Amanda J.
03:29 14 Mar 17
We've been twice now and it's always a positive experience! Great, caring staff that did a wonderful job putting my daughter at ease for her first dental visit. She loves going and getting a new toothbrush and a bag of goodies. She can't wait for the next checkup!
Dana Singla
Dana S.
14:20 10 Mar 17
Dr. Joshi is very personable. Staff is friendly, courteous and fun! Appointments are always on time. My kids LOVE going to the dentist--who ever says that? My son had special needs and they do an amazing job with him. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful pediatric dental practice in our area!
Christina Melendrez Browning
Christina Melendrez B.
13:16 10 Mar 17
We loved our first visit to this office! The entire staff was friendly, attentive, and full of smiles. Our daughter is only 11 months old but she giggled all the way through her appointment. We will definitely be returning.
Alexis Barraza
Alexis B.
20:53 09 Mar 17
Dr. Joshi and staff are phenomenal! Today was my daughter's first dental appointment and I was worried that she would be scared. However, it was quite the opposite experience... she didn't want to leave at the end of her appointment because she was having so much fun! The staff there is patient, kind, very thorough and make it so fun for the kids. Such a great atmosphere. What's not to love about getting stickers, a new toothbrush, a t-shirt and picking out a toy! We'll definitely be back in 6 months for her next check-up. Highly recommend this pediatric dental practice if you're looking for a clean, honest and friendly approach.
Kim Holada Salazar
Kim Holada S.
23:02 06 Mar 17
I have a child that was not to fond of coming to the dentist prior switching over to this group of amazing people! Dr. Joshi puts my son at ease and explains everything as she goes as to make him more comfortable. The hygienists do the same and allow for a break if they notice one might be needed. In other words DPD made it possible to go to the dentist without a major breakdown;)
Maurainne Cristalle Jones
Maurainne Cristalle J.
23:20 17 Feb 17
Always very friendly and professional, my daughter loves it!!!
Jacqueline Hake
Jacqueline H.
22:25 26 Jan 17
After having 2 cavities filled here, my 8 year old daughter asked if they had drilled her teeth after we left. Our experience with DuPage Pediatric Dentistry has been painless!
Renee Hrynewycz Uczen
Renee Hrynewycz U.
21:56 24 Jan 17
DUpage Peds Dentistry has been treating my Boys for many years ..... staff is very welcoming and nice ...... office is clean and organized . Very accommodating with appts and special needs . Thanks! Please visit !
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