Ana Perez
Ana P.
21:53 29 Jul 21
I had a wonderful experience with my kids for their regular check up and cleaning. We LOVED Porscha and Dr. Scott!!! They were absolutely amazing and made my kids feel so comfortable. They were so nervous to come and now can’t wait to come back!!!
Chef Bobby Trevino
Chef Bobby T.
13:57 29 Jul 21
Porsche was fantastic and Doctor Scott. Michael felt very comfortable…Thanks
Katy Koger
Katy K.
21:32 28 Jul 21
I absolutely love DPD Smiles! The staff members are so friendly and make every visit stress-free. My girls really had fun with Chanel today and I appreciated her thorough explanations before and after their visits!
Ashley Dougherty
Ashley D.
20:08 28 Jul 21
Portia was great with my kids. Made my 7 year old and 4 year old comfortable while cleaning their teeth with marshmallow flavored toothpaste. Little to no waiting and have tablet for the kids to watch while we waited for the doctor. Clean and safe. Highly recommend this dentist!
Denise Krohn
Denise K.
19:44 28 Jul 21
We have been going to DPD Smiles for years. The staff is very professional and the facility very clean. Even through Covid, they managed to keep things sanitized and took necessary measures to keep patients safe. We would definitely recommend DPD Smiles!
Gabriela Calvillo
Gabriela C.
16:25 28 Jul 21
We had such a great experience at DPD smiles. The team was so friendly and Chanel did an amazing job explaining all of my son’s treatments and dental care needs.
nancy Mashni
nancy M.
16:17 28 Jul 21
Chanel was an absolute amazing dental hygienist working with my toddler who is scared of all types of doctor visits. DPD staff has exceeded all my expectations especially with my child’s x rays. She’s a big gagger and because of the amazing staff my daughter did such an amazing job and for all the x rays that were needed!!Thank you again DPD staff! We can’t wait to comeback for all our regular teeth check ups and cleanings!
Amber Simpson
Amber S.
14:37 28 Jul 21
Had a great experience and Chanel was amazing ! Took both my 3 and 5 year old here and was a success.
Stephanie Merchant
Stephanie M.
14:35 28 Jul 21
My kids have been coming here for the last year and have had a wonderful experience with all the staff. From the second you check in until you leave! Everything is extremely clean as well. They are so great with the kids even if they are having a hard time during the appointment! ❤️
Caroline Trembath
Caroline T.
14:06 28 Jul 21
DPD Smiles is wonderful with kids. I took my (almost) two year old for his first appointment, and my more experienced 5 year old, and Porscha was so patient! I would definitely recommend DPD Smiles!
Alejandra Aguilera
Alejandra A.
13:16 28 Jul 21
Chanel was very good with my son it was our first time it’s very clean and fast environment. I felt comfortable with the care that was provided definitely will recommend to anyone !
Priya Dave Parikh
Priya Dave P.
21:27 27 Jul 21
Great staff! We love Dr. Joshi!
Niket Parikh
Niket P.
21:27 27 Jul 21
Great staff, clean, always a good visit.
Michelle Barth
Michelle B.
21:21 27 Jul 21
3 exams done. All good no cavities but gotta brush more. Thank you nurses Ms. Jes & Ms.Porscha they were so good with my littles. Dr. Lumpkin was nice and quick. Missed seeing Dr. Joshi maybe next visit. We honestly Love dpdsmiles
Carlo Jose Martinez
Carlo Jose M.
20:14 27 Jul 21
This place is amazing. Came in for a cleaning. Chanel, my hygienist was super nice. Would come here again!
Shelley Barlow
Shelley B.
18:42 27 Jul 21
Very supportive and patient with my very nervous child.
Justin Hineman
Justin H.
18:16 27 Jul 21
This is one of the best places to bring your kids for any dentist work. Porscha and Jess were amazing with my 2 year old and 5 year old. They answered all their questions and made the kids as comfortable as could be. My kids actually enjoy coming to the dentist because of the experience they have here at DPD Wheaton! Highly recommended!
Envy_snipedyou Fortnite
Envy_snipedyou F.
16:50 27 Jul 21
Chanel you are very nice did a great love that you remembered my favorite tooth paste!
Kambal Powell
Kambal P.
16:24 27 Jul 21
we had a great experience with Chanel today. she helped us feel comfortable and walked us through the entire process. we recommend DPD for your family
Olivia Kempfe
Olivia K.
15:53 27 Jul 21
Porseha took care of me today and the visit went very smoothly. She’s very friendly and funny. The whole staff is very welcoming and visit went well.
Katie Steinberg
Katie S.
15:36 27 Jul 21
Chanel was great with my son when he got a cavity filled and 4 sealants!
Kathryn Page
Kathryn P.
14:50 27 Jul 21
I took my son here for his first dentist visit before kindergarten and Porche was so great with him and making it a fun and positive experience!
Janet B
Janet B
14:01 27 Jul 21
We always have a great experience at DPD Smiles. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and great with children. We had Porscha and Jess who were great with my two kids; very kind and thorough. They make it a fun and relaxing experience for kids which is important. I like that they also educate and stress to kids the importance of brushing and flossing. Highly recommend.
Melanie McCarthy
Melanie M.
13:16 27 Jul 21
Porscha and Jasmine were so sweet with my 5and 6yr old girls. And did a great job! Always have a good experience here. The office is very clean and safe as well.
Amanda Banevicius
Amanda B.
20:14 26 Jul 21
I have been bringing my kids to DPD smiles for many years. They are always great with the kids and do an amazing job. Dr. Joshi always helps to ease any concerns that I have. Porscha and Vanessa were great with the kids today and explained everything to me that I had questions on. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars!
Meghan Riley
Meghan R.
16:38 26 Jul 21
Chanel is wonderful - so gentle and informative!
Doug Caridine
Doug C.
16:29 26 Jul 21
Porsche was wonderful. She explained everything she was doing and was super pleasant. The kids and I loved her. Doctor Lumpkin was fine and thorough.
Ethan Bonifield
Ethan B.
13:40 26 Jul 21
I had a great experience with Chanel
13:18 26 Jul 21
took care of my teeth and cleaned really well. had a great experience with Chanel
Mildred Jones
Mildred J.
13:14 24 Jul 21
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I would recommend This Dentist for Kids to everyone. The Doctors take the time to explain what is going on & what needs to be done. And the staff is very friendly!!!! This was our first time being here & we felt as if we were long time patients. My son treatment was a success!! From here on this is our go to dentist office!!!! Highly recommend bringing your children to The DPD Smiles
J Witt
J W.
07:13 23 Jul 21
Amazing oral surgeon!My daughter had her wisdom teeth pulled today at DPD, and the oral surgeon Dr. Brady is absolutely amazing! He is super friendly and very kind, and instantly makes you feel at ease. He is a highly skilled and professional surgeon, one who clearly is an expert in his field. He had my daughter’s extractions done in no time (and one tooth was an especially tricky removal) and she is doing great. His nurse Wendy was wonderful as well! She was very nice and did a great job. Before the procedure Dr. Brady explained exactly what he was going to do while showing us the X-ray of my daughter’s teeth. This visual furthered our understanding of what was to come, and I really appreciated this. He also explained how the IV sedation worked and did a thorough health history on my daughter. He made sure we understood the procedure from start to finish, and also went over the aftercare. While discussing all of this he took his time, and his warm and kind personality had my daughter laughing and enjoying herself before the procedure! Imagine having a great time where you come to have your wisdom teeth pulled! How awesome is this?!But this is just the kind of place DPD is. You feel like family here, and best of all, all of the staff are outstanding. The front desk, dental hygienists, and of course the doctors all are FANTASTIC.I really liked that I could see an oral surgeon in house, and did not have to spend a lot of extra time getting a consultation elsewhere (with a doctor we did not know at all), and then wait for the actual appointment. Also since Dr. Joshi is THE BEST dentist (we love her so much!), I had complete confidence in any staff she employs in her office. To have this level of trust is rare, and I feel very lucky to have my family under DPD and Dr. Joshi’s care.We have been with DPD for several years now and Dr. Joshi and all of the staff are highly skilled and very knowledgeable and professional. Additionally their office is EXTREMELY clean! I mean it is spotless. It’s so reassuring to have your family receive dental care in such a clean environment, especially nowadays.So thank you to the amazing Dr. Brady who gave my daughter an absolutely wonderful experience of getting her wisdom teeth removed! We appreciate you and the great work you did.The Vega and Witt family
Natalie Conner
Natalie C.
20:35 22 Jul 21
I have 5 kiddos and everyone was great with all 5 of my kids. It was so nice to be able to laugh with the staff and for the kids to feel comfortable at the dentists office. Dr. Scott and Porscha made the experience with my 2 year old so easy. Steph and Dr. Scott made my 4 year old visit amazing, he had a traumatic experience with his old dentist and they made it fun for him. They have a group of amazing people working in thier Office. Thank you for making our visit enjoyable.
Shannon Parikh
Shannon P.
19:30 22 Jul 21
Porsha and Jess were great with my 4 and 6 year old! We have always had a great experience at DPD Smiles and my kids love Dr. Joshi!
lydia clark
lydia C.
19:26 22 Jul 21
VERY NICE STAFF NICE Chanel was WONDERFUL thank you will be back.
Amelia Polacek
Amelia P.
15:53 22 Jul 21
Sara and Chanel were GREAT!!! My brother and I were here for our cleaning, had an amazing experience. Our doctor Scott was also fantastic.
Ethan Sean
Ethan S.
15:26 22 Jul 21
Honestly some of the most generous people I’ve ever met. We’ve been coming here almost all of my life and everytime they never fail to put a smile on our faces!
tye da
tye D.
14:52 22 Jul 21
Had an awesome experience with Chanel and Sara, both did flossing demos on us. Very educational and fun at the same time
andy ciszczon
andy C.
14:37 22 Jul 21
Update…came with both boys for cleaning today and Porscha was vm so great with the boys. She told them everything they were going to do before she did it. My two boys are usually shy but they warmed up to her great energy fast.We always have a great experience at this office... we have followed them from there old location and very happy we did. Chanel took out my sons tooth today and he wasn’t scared or anything. They made him feel safe and comfortable. I highly recommend this location for all kids.
Daniel Moore
Daniel M.
22:17 21 Jul 21
This place is amazing. Came in for a cleaning. Sarah, my hygienist was super nice. Would come here again
Stefania Rossi
Stefania R.
21:09 21 Jul 21
My brother and I were here for a cleaning today and Sarah was very helpful! Overall really great experience
Marie Peterson
Marie P.
20:50 21 Jul 21
Chanel was amazing with my son. This place gets better and better.
Paul Rossi
Paul R.
20:37 21 Jul 21
My sister and I were here for a cleaning today and Sarah was very nice and polite. She was very helpful.
Gloria Matias
Gloria M.
19:50 21 Jul 21
Overall great experience. Chanel was great!
Shannon Quinn
Shannon Q.
18:31 21 Jul 21
Great dental care for my kids! Porscha and Venessa were so kind and fun and helped my daughter’s stay relaxed during their cleaning and exams. Dr Joshi was very efficient when giving my daughter her fillings, she didn’t complain of any discomfort and tolerated it very well!
Laura Emmert
Laura E.
15:33 21 Jul 21
Chanel was very sweet with my children. The office is very clean.
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer B.
14:55 21 Jul 21
This was our first visit and their post COVID procedures were easy to follow and the staff made our experience warm and welcoming. The exam rooms were clean and free of clutter and the staff walked my child through everything they were doing to ease nerves and anxiety. Online paperwork made check in a breeze! I would definitely recommend this facility to friends and family.
Neha Parikh
Neha P.
16:30 20 Jul 21
I really had good experience seeing doctor Ligas with Chanel She took time to explain all the details & left notes for future. Thank you. Sara welcomed me in.
Clara Compston
Clara C.
13:16 20 Jul 21
Chanel did a great job with my braces today!
Kerri Podewell
Kerri P.
16:31 19 Jul 21
Great service today for orthodontic visit. Chanel explained all the actions she was taking and next steps for treatment. Recommend this location to all pediatric patients.
Taylor Grassano
Taylor G.
21:41 15 Jul 21
First time patients here and everything from scheduling to end of appointment was awesome! They were very educational and worked well with my son. I would recommend this facility to everyone!
Giselle Montoya
Giselle M.
18:24 15 Jul 21
Chanel was amazing! My daughter has always been afraid of going to the dentists but Chanel has now changed that!
Addison Long
Addison L.
16:54 15 Jul 21
Chanel, is very kind and caring. Says very positive things about me and is great
15:22 15 Jul 21
Chanel was super nice and helpful!
Harleen Kaur
Harleen K.
15:07 15 Jul 21
This was our first visit here for my two young children and it went great. We met with Dr. Scott and Porscha and they handled my very frightened, very loud child with ease and got the check up and cleaning done quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend DPD!
Lindsay Curtin
Lindsay C.
13:16 15 Jul 21
I can’t recommend DPD enough for kids. They are absolutely amazing at what they do and so incredible with kids. I’m blown away by Jess and Porscha!! They made my kids feel so comfortable and they were so personable.
Elisha Nance
Elisha N.
15:47 14 Jul 21
We were booked with Chanel today and she was great with my kids. I have a 4yr and 2yr old and they can be a lot when it comes down to brushing their teeth or seeing a dr and Chanel was great with handling them and made it a fun experience. I would definitely recommend this dentist office to friends.
Beth Gomez
Beth G.
21:35 12 Jul 21
Chanel and the orthodontist were very helpful in answering my questions and explaining what they were doing. It was overall a really good experience!
Nicole Hylton
Nicole H.
20:46 12 Jul 21
Another great experience today with Chanel! Every visit is great, they take great care of my 2 boys each visit! We love DPD Smiles!
Patricia Samolinski
Patricia S.
15:53 12 Jul 21
Chanel was great. She had to reset our expander and got my daughter through the process like a champ. It was a quick and easy process and we couldn’t be happier!
Kat Benson
Kat B.
16:40 07 Jul 21
This was our first time at the new facility. It was so bright and clean. Our hygienist Jess was so sweet and patient with our two littles. Dr. Joshi made the experience even easier with having the two kids in the same room. Therapy dogs are also a bonus!
jam jam
jam J.
15:08 06 Jul 21
Chanel was extremely friendly and helpful. My daughter was at ease. Great dental experience.
Abby Arient
Abby A.
17:06 29 Jun 21
Staff is always professional, courteous, and kind!!
Guadalupe Santillanes
Guadalupe S.
16:58 28 Jun 21
Very friendly staff, clean facilities, they explain everything they are doing and what they reckoned . Great customer services I would recommend.
Leslie Tozier
Leslie T.
14:29 28 Jun 21
Love the professional and friendly service. So attentive!
Kaitlyn Hickman
Kaitlyn H.
21:56 25 Jun 21
Great experiences with Chanel, she was delightful to have! Truly positive people the whole time! Will be coming back again!
Megan Kearns
Megan K.
19:53 25 Jun 21
Chanel was great! We were short on time and the whole team was very accommodating.
Amy Bilka
Amy B.
13:29 25 Jun 21
Chanel was very friendly, helpful and patient with my son. Great new patient experience!
Neil White
Neil W.
19:28 23 Jun 21
Great place for my finicky kids. The staff there is very friendly and attentive to my 2 kids. We will always go back and I highly recommend them
Shannon Baird
Shannon B.
14:05 22 Jun 21
I am in awe of how amazing the staff is. Especially Chanel made my daughter comfortable and had such a calm demeanor. Unfortunately, my daughter needed a lot of work and we went in planning to have her put under.They made her comfortable without needles while she was awake.Quick and painless! We will be back and absolutely recommend the office!
Steve Castaldi
Steve C.
18:12 18 Jun 21
DPD Smiles are great. Everyone is helpful and friendly. Chanel is super friendly and my daughters actually love coming to the dentist. I highly recommend DPD Smiles. Thank you for all you do for our family.
Dharmi Mehta
Dharmi M.
21:15 17 Jun 21
Dr. Joshi is excellent! My kids love her. I wish she would work on adults too. ☺️ Great staff and kids friendly environment. Clean and calm clinic! Highly recommended!!
Erin Collins
Erin C.
22:01 16 Jun 21
Great place! My kids enjoy coming to the dentist!
Sir Wahwee
Sir W.
21:51 16 Jun 21
Came in today, good cleaning, Sarah was nice
Annie Murray
Annie M.
21:57 14 Jun 21
Dr. Joshi and team are awesome. The dentist came out to talk to me about a concern I had regarding my son’s tooth. She is so thorough and explains things in terms I can understand. It’s a bonus that my kids like coming to this dental office.
Luke McCaulley
Luke M.
21:22 14 Jun 21
Me And my brother came in for checkups and Sara was amazing and super helpful and everything was great!
Kristin Brorson
Kristin B.
15:50 10 Jun 21
Chanel was great with my 3 year old!!
Tara Walters
Tara W.
14:53 10 Jun 21
Chanel is fabulous!! She was so wonderful with my nervous daughter, about getting sealants and a couple fillings. She made the process calm and was reassuring.
Karlijn Burridge
Karlijn B.
21:05 08 Jun 21
Love their beautiful new location!
Kayla Anderson
Kayla A.
18:12 08 Jun 21
Had a great and comfortable experience with Chanel, everyone on the team was very kind and helpful! Looking forward to my next visit!
Kristy O'Neil
Kristy O.
14:06 07 Jun 21
Always a great experience with my kids. Their new location is the cleanest healthcare office I’ve ever been in.
Kelli Janczewski
Kelli J.
18:56 01 Jun 21
We have been going to DPD Smiles for a few years and have always had a great experience. Today we saw their new dentist, Dr. Moss, and she was great. My daughter is always anxious and Dr. Moss and Chanel made her feel relaxed. She is a great addition to the practice.
Anna Kendrick
Anna K.
17:25 01 Jun 21
The whole staff at DPD was wonderful. We were with Chanel and Sara and they were both so lovely and sweet and explained the whole procedure to my daughter. My daughter has high anxiety about the dentist, and the option of the comfort therapy dogs made a huge difference.
Cara Madell
Cara M.
20:43 24 May 21
my daughter is having her teeth cleaned and Chanel is absolutely great with keeping my daughter happy
Mike Bleich
Mike B.
19:56 24 May 21
The office is fantastic. Both of my kids received their braces from here. They have been so good with their treatments. Kids were both nervous but were put at ease by the staff. Could not recommend more! Dr. Ligas and Chanel, DA were so good with my kids, especially my daughter who was nervous about braces.
Erin F.
Erin F.
15:36 24 May 21
This was my daughter's first visit and she arrived quite nervous. EVERYONE here did a wonderful job making her feel comfortable! My daughter has a new dentist now, as we will definitely be back!
Matthew Henry
Matthew H.
14:48 24 May 21
My 12 year old had braces put on this morning. Chanel and Dr. Ligas made her feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the process. They also took the time to educate her as to the maintenance and oral hygiene necessary to help the braces make the teeth straight and beautiful. This practice is professional and definitely helps the child through the stress of the process. Highly recommended.
Sofia Syed
Sofia S.
19:56 20 May 21
We had a wonderful consultation visit today, Dr. Joshi was very friendly and made my 7 year old feel comfortable. She gets super nervous at the dentist! Also, the brand new office is beautiful 😍
Emma Ludwig
Emma L.
16:40 20 May 21
I have been going to them since I was a kid, and I still go to them. They are awesome and have great service. I especially love when I get Chanel because she is really nice.
Sylwia Dyduch
Sylwia D.
15:13 20 May 21
Chanel is awesome!!Very professional staff, almost no waiting in the waiting room, love this place for my daughter.Doctors are great and all the staff, strongly recommend this place to everyone with kids!!
Ilse Sotelo
Ilse S.
18:35 17 May 21
I took my 6 year old son in today he has autism. As a special needs mom it is really tough finding a patience doctor & staff who have patience with these kiddos. I finally found a dentist today at DPD smiles. They were so nurturing, patience , and caring. Vanessa was so awesome I think she was a dental assistant, and there was another women helping her who was as great with my son too. The women doctor was so caring too, she was so considerate on how I was feeling as a mom. I really recommend this doctor office for moms who have special needs or kiddos who have difficult time with the dentist.
Milind Raut
Milind R.
14:11 17 May 21
It was very nice experience, no pain at all. Chanel treated my son very nicely and explained us in clear detail. Overall very good. Thanks
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