Amanda Carney
Amanda C.
01:06 23 Feb 24
DPD Smiles is fantastic! We have been going to them for many years now and we couldn't be happier. All the staff is professional and friendly and accommodating to our schedule. We will continue to see Dr. Joshi. She is fantastic!
Alison Weir
Alison W.
14:06 02 Dec 23
I cannot say enough good things about Dr Joshi and the whole team at DPD. Our daughter had to have oral surgery which on its own is scary as a parent but shes also autistic (minimally verbal) which added a whole other level of concerns on my part. But all my fears were for nothing. The procedure was quick, smooth, I was informed every step of the way, and my kiddo doesn’t remember a thing. She’s healing very well and I can already tell she feels so much better. I’m forever grateful to the whole DPD Smiles team.
Becka Davis
Becka D.
18:27 26 Sep 23
DPD is amazing! When I first found out about my daughter being tongue tied, I was over whelmed with everything. The staff was very supportive and helpful. Dr Joshi walked us through everything and awnsered all questions. I love how Dr. Joshi is with my daughter and I felt very safe with her doing the procedure. I highly recommend a visit.
Lacey Hudson
Lacey H.
23:17 02 Aug 23
*****FIVE STARS***** This is the cleanest place I have ever been to. I would eat off the floor. (Not even joking) I've been to two other dentists previously for my daughter, and they don't even compare. My daughter had a lot of anxiety before DPD. They even had a furry friend to help! They were professional, personable, and friendly all at the same time. I had many questions. Ajay and the Dr. were very thorough and understanding. I can't say enough. Look no further- This IS your dentist.
Ronda Toepper
Ronda T.
15:27 10 Jul 23
I've never been so impressed with a dental office! I am so happy I found Dpd Smiles! They treated my Autistic child with no judgment when others turned us down. Thank you for serving our community.
Maria Rosario
Maria R.
16:33 08 Jun 23
I love it great service , estrella and Tracy were great assisting
Ashanti O
Ashanti O
16:03 08 Feb 23
Such a great experience with DPD Smiles my son has been in great hands! Thank you!
Bharadwaj Narayanan
Bharadwaj N.
04:01 26 Nov 22
Dr.Joshi is very professional. Appreciate her for her transparency and the options she gives you . She never forces you for anything . Will visit in future .!
erica molano
erica M.
18:12 09 Nov 22
One of the cleanest and professional dentists I’ve ever been to. So personable and informative without being judgmental and pushy. The Dr has a stellar vibe and did not make me feel rushed at all even though my toddler was throwing a fit through our consultation. Glad to have found a dentist that I will be taking my child to for years to come!
Danielle Mbadu
Danielle M.
21:27 26 Oct 22
Our first visit was delightful - quick and efficient without feeling rushed. A pleasant office environment and Dr. Joshi was great! Very happy to have found DPG Smiles! 🙂 Thank you!
Laura Perfetti
Laura P.
14:02 19 Oct 22
We came to DPD smiles for a second opinion and I am so happy we did. Dr. Joshi is very knowledgeable, patient, kind, takes the time to thoroughly answer ALL my questions. She is great with all my kids from my youngest 1 year old to my oldest. The office is bright and clean and my kids feel comfortable, which is most important! I highly recommend DPD smiles for your home dentist. Its not a close drive for us but its worth it for the care and peace of mind we receive.
Kelli Latuszek
Kelli L.
23:24 12 Oct 22
We spent 2 years taking our daughter to dentist after dentist only to be referred to different offices. By the time we were referred to DPD her teeth and her trust for dentists had both deteriorated. They fixed her whole mouth in 1 hour while she was under sedation. Dr. Janik and the anesthesia nurses were amazing and made me feel really comfortable about something that has been stressing me out for weeks. It was not cheap but it was 100% worth every cent to have my baby in such good hands.
Alexandra Miller
Alexandra M.
13:44 12 Oct 22
I’m a first time mom who desperately needed to know if my son had any mouth ties. They were able to get me in the next morning and diagnose him, give me all the options and also refer me to a facial physical therapist. I have so much relief now knowing next steps. They’re kind, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with.
Megan DeNicolo
Megan D.
18:45 26 Aug 22
We went to DPD Smiles for a second opinion and consultation on our Daughters teeth. They were very patient, informative, and knowledgeable. They explained things clearly and offered many options for our daughter’s care at a fraction of the cost that the other Dentist quoted us. We are very happy with their service and we know our Daughter is in good hands. Thank you so much for helping us to breathe a little easier today.
Caroline Sarros Colley
Caroline Sarros C.
19:48 18 Aug 22
We love DPD Smiles! Warm and professional, perfect for kids and nervous parents.
B Mendoza
B M.
19:11 15 Aug 22
I came here with my 5 year old on a referral that our primary couldn’t do. Had no idea what a pediatric dentist was - this place is amazing. It’s designed for kids. Thoughtful approaches, furniture, dental tools, etc. My son was not at all anxious. Way easier than I anticipated.
Laura S
Laura S
05:23 08 Jul 22
Absolutely love this place! We don’t live close, but it is worth the drive. Their hygienists are wonderful and so sweet to the kids. The dentists are fantastic, knowledgeable and thorough. There are movies in the waiting room, kids music in the actual rooms, and fun treats after the visit. And did I mention the dogs?!? So great! Highly recommend.
Tara Hudzik
Tara H.
18:04 24 Jun 22
We have always been pleased with DPD smiles, but Dr. Joshi went above and beyond for us when we had a dental emergency while on vacation. My son feels so comfortable with her and I am very grateful.
Carrie Potts
Carrie P.
15:41 22 Jun 22
Super patient and great!
Colleen Stafford
Colleen S.
14:38 22 Jun 22
Had a great experience at DPD smiles with my two daughters (5 and 3 years). The staff was very kind and patient. They explained everything they were doing to my girls and made them feel very ease. Highly recommend for young kids!
Lindsay Wexler
Lindsay W.
21:26 21 Jun 22
We have seen Dr. Joshi for almost 4 years. They have made our son comfortable and at ease from the age of 2. We have no dental fear or anxiety thanks to the office staff at DPD Smiles.
14:04 21 Jun 22
We love DPD smiles. The staff has always been helpful and friendly. They are great to my special needs child who does not handle people touching their face and mouth. They always do their best to be gentle and attentive and make everyone comfortable. The office is always very clean.
Kelly Damianides
Kelly D.
18:11 20 Jun 22
The compassion and patience the staff have for a nervous toddler is outstanding! I’m so impressed with their great communication and attention to detail!
Karly Vance
Karly V.
13:13 20 Jun 22
Clean facility, friendly staff great with kids!
maria rice
maria R.
15:45 08 Jun 22
I wish I would have started my 4 year olds dental journey here and regret not coming here sooner! My son has had 4 negative appointments elsewhere with equipment and techniques that were not accommodating for his small stature and young age. We had a successful first visit and looking forward to finally getting the work done that is needed for my little guy! Dr. Joshi and team, thank you for your patience and knowledge! I know we have a long road ahead of us but I feel confident we are in the right place now! Most importantly my son left your office today with a smile and a positive experience! Thank you!!
Donald Smith
Donald S.
13:50 08 Jun 22
This place is great! My 3 year old was comfortable the entire time and the staff was amazing working with her! The location is clean and the team had us in and out in no time!
Allison Valentine
Allison V.
14:26 07 Jun 22
We have been going to DPD Smiles for 5 years. Dr. Joshi and all of the staff are fantastic! Thanks to their practice my kids are not at all fearful of going to the dentist, it is always a positive experience!
Daniel Horwitch
Daniel H.
20:28 06 Jun 22
Excellent service top to bottom. Super clean facility. Treated my 3 year old great and kept him calm and was overall a very easy cleaning. I highly suggest this dental office.
Colleen E
Colleen E
18:24 06 Jun 22
Got right in at our appointment time. Friendly hygienist! Very kid oriented. Happy we found this dentist!
16:12 06 Jun 22
Cleanly inside and good service. Wait time wasn’t too long, nor the duration of the treatment. Nice staff.Nice doggies too!
Gabrielle Tozier
Gabrielle T.
16:11 06 Jun 22
Super friendly staff and personal interactions!
Chloe Eberhart
Chloe E.
00:30 27 May 22
I cannot speak highly enough about DPD Smiles! Nightmare experience, after nightmare experience had left my anxious six-year-old, absolutely terrified of going to the dentist. We had been to two different Dental offices to address a serious toothache, and neither place could even get her to open her mouth.When we called DPD Smiles, I was desperate for another option and boy did they provide one. They listened to our whole journey (it has been arduous) and offered options, including squeezing us in same day for an appointment. As soon as we stepped into the office, they instantly put both of us right at ease. It was so different than any dentist I had ever been to before. Dr. Joshi was extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. She spent time with us, made sure my daughter was completely comfortable, and then performed the necessary procedure efficiently, and compassionately. Everyone we worked with was AMAZING. We are so grateful that my daughter is out of pain, and that we found such an amazing care team in DPD Smiles. Thank you Dr. Joshi and team!
Carmela Jordan
Carmela J.
19:39 17 May 22
My experience today was great it was my son’s first appointment and he was not cooperating at all, Dr. Joshi and Janice were patient and very courteous working with him to get his teeth cleaned. The office is very clean and well organized Dr. Joshi is a great dentist I would recommend her services to anyone…
Raise Your AQ (AQ)
Raise Your AQ (.
14:20 11 May 22
Simple. Clean. Easy. A great experience!!
Robert Buckner II
Robert Buckner I.
17:33 16 Apr 22
This place was amazing. My boys typically are very anxious at the dentist and every trip involves tears! This place had them dancing through the appointment!! Definitely a place to take your kids!
Corrin Huggins
Corrin H.
01:45 15 Apr 22
My son has been here three times. Once for a check up, once for surgery and now for a follow up. Each time has been wonderful. Dr. Joshi is absolutely amazing! I'd reccomend it to any of my friends. Very very kid oriented.
Lisa Faso
Lisa F.
19:12 06 Apr 22
Had an awesome experience at DPD Smiles! My son was super nervous coming in but they made him very comfortable and he can’t wait to come back!
Ashley Iovinelli
Ashley I.
17:14 31 Mar 22
Thankful to DPD Smiles for a successful first visit! My 7 year old has anxiety and mild sensory issues when it comes to dental work and needed multiple fillings done, so I promised him I would find the best of the best to work with us. Dr. Joshi and her assistant Fatima were amazing! They were patient, compassionate and stuck with us to get my son through the entire procedure. The laser fillings are such an incredible update in dentistry that make the process quicker and more comfortable!At the end of the procedure, my son told Dr. Joshi “I couldn’t have got through this with any other dentist but you, thank you.” He overcame some major fears and was able to complete the needed work with the help of DPD Smiles, and we feel grateful to have found Dr. Joshi!
Jason Fry
Jason F.
14:17 31 Mar 22
We always have a great experience st DPD Smiles! Porscha is great with kids and keeps them calm and at ease.
Mary Oliver
Mary O.
21:20 07 Mar 22
Great experience for my little guys'd first cavity! Staff and Dr. Joshi were amazing! Would highly recommend 🙂
Garret W
Garret W
14:26 07 Mar 22
DPD is a great place for kids; very friendly and accommodating. And shoes their best to make the mugs feel safe and welcome. Porcha did a great cleaning, thank you for your friendly service!
Liz Bluemel
Liz B.
20:14 03 Mar 22
Wonderful first dental with Porscha and Dr. Joshi. They made my 3 year old feel very comfortable. Highly recommend this dental office.
Kim Vargo
Kim V.
17:55 03 Mar 22
This is a fantastic pediatric dental practice. The office is spotless and Dr. Joshi is knowledgeable and caring.
Farrah Khan
Farrah K.
16:15 03 Mar 22
Great first experience! Porscha was amazing with our 4 year old! He was comfortable enough to sit all by himself in the chair and she took great care of him fe whole time!
Laura Knysch
Laura K.
17:21 02 Mar 22
Porscha was amazing with my daughter. Understood her special needs and took that into account when working with her. First place we have taken our daughter and feel like she is truly accepted for who she is and her specific needs in a dental department.Love the fact that they really go above and beyond for kiddos they serve.
Craig Miller
Craig M.
15:09 02 Mar 22
Great first visit.. They were able to take both of my kids on short notice and both at the same time. Porsha was great with both kids, xrays and cleanings were a breeze.
Stephanie Kafka
Stephanie K.
14:46 26 Feb 22
I’d highly recommend DPD Smiles. I have two nervous kids and the dentist & technicians are very accommodating and sweet to them. Thank you Porscha & Dr. Joshi!
Not Zack Thielenhouse
Not Zack T.
16:44 24 Feb 22
Best dentist have been to and the people or very nice! I would recommend!
Sarah Mowat
Sarah M.
18:38 23 Feb 22
Kind and helpful staff, awesome office dogs
Diana Laufenberg
Diana L.
21:24 07 Feb 22
Great practice - caring Dentists that are so gentle and patient with kids. Beautiful , clean office and great staff. Thank you -
Tey Mitchell
Tey M.
16:29 31 Jan 22
Awesome place for kiddos to have a great dental experience. The place was very clean, and good optics to make my son feel safe and kid-friendly. Porscha, the dental assistant was stellar. Led us every step of the way through my 3yr first visit. She was very thorough, professional, people friendly. The (Dr.) was amazing.100% recommend this dentistry.
Christian Tubigan
Christian T.
14:42 31 Jan 22
What an amazing experience at this Dentist office. Very personable and they’re great with kids!
Jennie Walz
Jennie W.
22:31 27 Jan 22
Wonderful experience with my 3 children! Friendly staff and the bonus is my kids love the therapy dogs!
Christina B
Christina B
22:40 24 Jan 22
We love coming to DPD and recommend to all my friends. They are patient and everything is well organized. Porsha was fabulous!!Love, love, love.
Kelly Barnett
Kelly B.
20:19 18 Jan 22
Porscha did an amazing job with my 2 girls! Quick and fun!
Rita Dalinis
Rita D.
14:23 17 Jan 22
My children (2 and 5 years old) always have a great experience and love coming to DPD Smiles. Porscha was great and made them laugh and feel comfortable during their cleanings.
Alejandro Perez
Alejandro P.
16:21 13 Jan 22
Porscha and Dr Joshi were very nice to Analise and she didn't get scared she loved her 1st experience 😊thank you!
Erin Myover-Piotrowski
Erin M.
15:28 13 Jan 22
Our experience was great. The covid procedures were great and everything was very clean and friendly. They were wonderful with my kid's first time, and so so sweet with him. Porsche was our hygienist and she really helped my 3 yr old get comfortable with everything. Dr. Joshi was also very informative and helpful and very kind! We will definitely be back!
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