Baby Tooth Root Canal

A root canal, also known as a pulpotomy, is probably the last procedure you expect your child to need. However, the truth is that many children need to undergo a baby root canal to save a damaged or decaying tooth.

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Since your child’s primary teeth set the stage for healthy permanent teeth, it’s important to take every measure possible to protect and save vulnerable baby teeth. A root canal makes this possible, and it’s not nearly as painful or uncomfortable as you might think! For gentle, quality care, contact DPD Smiles for baby root canals in Wheaton.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is used to remove dead or dying tissue from deep inside a baby tooth. It helps your child’s dentist save a damaged tooth rather than pulling it out.

During the baby tooth root canal procedure, our experienced children’s dentist carefully removes all signs of infection from your child’s tooth. This process removes the dead and damaged nerves, blood vessels, and tissues in order to save the tooth.

After the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, the space is filled with a special medical material called gutta percha, then sealed. This type of baby root canal immediately relieves your child’s pain and saves their tooth from further damage.

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Why Do Children Need Root Canals?

Most children require root canals due to decay or injury of a tooth. If a cavity goes untreated for too long, it may cause extensive decay and infection within the deeper layers of the tooth. When this happens, only a root canal can remove all infected material and prevent tooth loss. An injury is much harder to predict, but a steep fall or sports collision can cause serious dental injuries that require a baby tooth root canal to repair.

Your child must receive a necessary baby root canal promptly. Left untreated, injured and infected teeth can cause severe pain and the spread of infection to other areas of the body.

Signs & Symptoms a Baby Root Canal May Be Needed

Look for these symptoms to know if your child needs a baby tooth root canal:

  • Visible and extensive decay
  • Sensitivity to cold and warm temperatures
  • Constant toothaches
  • Redness and swelling around the tooth
  • Nighttime pain

If your child is exhibiting any of these symptoms, call DPD Smiles to schedule an appointment. We’re always here to help protect and restore your child’s beautiful, healthy smile.

6 Ways to Prevent a Root Canal

A baby tooth root canal isn’t inevitable. With careful dental care and smart habits, your child can enjoy strong, healthy teeth long into adulthood without a single root canal. Use these tips to prevent the need for a children’s root canal:

  • Brush twice a day
  • Floss every day
  • Don’t chew on ice or hard candy
  • Wear a mouthguard in contact sports
  • Keep up with kid's dental cleanings every 6 months
  • Limit juice, soda, or other high-sugar beverages

Most of all, don’t wait to visit your Wheaton pediatric dental office if your child starts experiencing tooth pain. The faster a dental problem is diagnosed, the more efficiently it can be treated to help your child’s smile heal.

We Accept Most Insurances!