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Tooth discoloration is the most common cosmetic problem that dentists treat. If yellow and brown stains have caused your teenager to lose confidence in their smile, the DPD Smiles team has the perfect solution: gentle laser teeth whitening.

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We Accept Most Insurances!

However, this teeth whitening isn’t limited to only teens, adults love this too! Thanks to the EPIC diode laser and LaserWhite20 whitening gel we use in every laser whitening procedure, you or your teenager can enjoy dramatic whitening results without any of the sensitivity, discomfort, or inconsistency caused by traditional whitening kits.

What Age is it Safe to Begin Whitening Teeth?

First, we can only whiten teeth on cavity free, healthy mouths. The reason is that the whitening agents can make the cavities worse and make your teeth very sensitive. If you or your teen has cavities but want their teeth whitened, not a problem! We will take care of the cavities first and then whiten the teeth.

Around the mid-teens is when it is usually safe to whiten teeth. If your child is undergoing braces or Invisalign, we recommend whitening after their orthodontic treatment. Laser teeth whitening after orthodontic treatment is great for evening out any discoloration that occurred. This goes for adult orthodontics and teens. This can be a real confidence booster to come out of braces or Invisalign with not only straight teeth but bright pearly whites as well.

Teen having laser teeth whitening after braces

The Benefits of Laser Whitening

It’s nearly impossible to achieve professional whitening results with an at-home kit. Laser whitening is a fast, efficient treatment proven to whiten your teen’s teeth by 6 to 12 shades in less than 20 minutes.

The laser energy is safe, gentle, and painless, so your teenager can relax in comfort throughout the procedure. No other teeth whitening system works so efficiently!

How Does Laser Teeth Whitening Work?

When your teen comes into DPD Smiles for a teeth whitening procedure, you can rest easy knowing that they will remain safe and comfortable through the entire treatment.

Step 1
We begin by measuring and recording the shade of your teen’s teeth using a shade guide. Then we clean all teeth surfaces using a glycerin-free pumice to remove dental plaque and superficial stains.

Step 2
Before the actual whitening process begins, a DPD Smiles whitening expert applies a liquid dam over all gum tissue to protect tooth roots and prevent any potential sensitivity or discomfort.

Step 3
Now it’s time to apply the whitening gel. A thin layer is applied carefully over each tooth.

Step 4
Once our powerful LaserWhite20 gel is covering all teeth, we use a whitening handpiece on the EPIC laser to activate and accelerate the whitening gel. This ensures faster, more dramatic results.

Step 5
For maximum whitening, we repeat the gel and laser application a second time. After the gel is removed and your teen’s teeth are cleaned and polished, we take an “After” picture to help your child celebrate their attractive new smile!

Laser Teeth Whitening For Teenagers in Wheaton

If your teenager recently had their braces removed or feels self-conscious about the shade of their teeth, consider the laser whitening treatment offered by DPD Smiles. Our highly skilled team is here to give your child a brighter, whiter smile that restores confidence without any painful or unpleasant side effects.

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We Accept Most Insurances!