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Oral Surgery for Children, Teens & Adults

Oral surgery encompasses treating a spectrum of diseases, injuries and defects of the head, face, neck and jaws. Our Wheaton wisdom teeth dentist specializes in the extraction of wisdom teeth, complex tooth extractions, supernumerary (extra teeth) extractions and is licensed to administer IV sedation.

DPD Smiles employs advanced dental technology such as 3D x-ray imaging to provide accurate treatment planning and superior outcomes. We also accept most dental insurances, provide dental financing and complimentary oral surgery consultations. We want our patients to feel comfortable in our care and have all information available to make the best decision for their child's oral care.

Our oral surgery services include:

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Wisdom Teeth Shown in XRay

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Also known as third molars, can be safely removed to prevent complications to the rest of the mouth.

Partially Impacted Tooth Illustration

Complex Teeth Extractions

Complex tooth extractions, such as supernumerary teeth can be performed in our office safely and efficiently.

Kid dental sedation in dental chair

Sedation Dentistry, Anesthesia

Ease dental anxiety, stress and pain with sedation dentistry for any of our oral surgery procedures.

The Importance of Seeing an Oral Surgery Specialist

Specialists have gone through extensive schooling, anesthesia training and years of on-hand experience to become specialists in their field. While general dentists may have some training on complex extractions, Dr. Brady has been trained specifically to remove wisdom teeth. It’s important to bring your child, teen, or yourself to a specialist who can minimize risk, layout predictable outcomes and ensure long lasting results.

Exceptional outcomes, safe treatment and patient comfort are the top priority for our surgeon, Dr. Brady. Dr. Brady understands there can be stress associated with dental procedures, especially any type of surgery. He is trained to recognize this and always works to eliminate the anxiety associated with the treatment needed. Dr. Brady has made his expertise in oral surgery to be on tooth extractions and sedation. He is a clinical instructor for Western Surgical & Sedation, where he trains dentists from around the world to safely extract impacted wisdom teeth. Dr. Brady is a trusted, skilled, gentle, caring surgeon that we are incredibly lucky to have on our team.

Dr. Brady is an active member of the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, American Dental Association, Illinois State Dental Society, and Chicago Dental Society.

Dr. Jamieson Brady - Wheaton Oral Surgeon

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