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Your baby’s first dental visit is a major milestone! Our trusted pediatric dentist, Dr. Joshi, and the entire DPD Smiles team is here to make it a memorable visit. We love helping our patients achieve healthier smiles, and it’s never too early to start reaching for that goal.

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Our team handles children’s extractions in Wheaton of all types, from baby teeth removal and orthodontic extractions to the removal of extra or impacted teeth. Thanks to our children’s sedation dentistry techniques, we know exactly how to keep your child relaxed and calm during an extraction procedure.

Baby Teeth Removal

Baby teeth, also called primary teeth, erupt in phases and create “space savers” for the adult teeth that will eventually grow into place as your child gets older. Our main goal is to preserve the natural baby teeth of every DPD Rockstar, but some situations do require baby teeth removal.

In most cases, we extract baby teeth for one of three reasons:

  • A permanent tooth starts growing in before the baby tooth in its space falls out
  • A baby tooth is chipped, broken, or damaged beyond repair
  • A baby tooth is too decayed to save with a root canal, crown, or other restoration

Fortunately, the removal of a baby tooth is usually simple. We use an “elevator” device to loosen the tooth so that it can be easily removed from the mouth. If your child is anxious or uncomfortable, we offer laughing gas and other forms of dental sedation for kids to make baby tooth removal easy and pain-free.

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Tooth Extractions Needed for Orthodontics

If your child is receiving orthodontic treatment, they may need to have one or more teeth pulled before their retainer or braces can be placed. Strategically extracting a tooth before orthodontic treatment creates more room for the teeth to align in their proper positions.

Here at DPD Smiles, we may suggest tooth extraction before orthodontic work in the following situations:

  • Your child’s jaw is not large enough to accommodate all permanent teeth
  • The teeth need more room to property straighten and remain straight in the future
  • A misshapen tooth is threatening to misalign nearby teeth

Your child’s Wheaton orthodontist will perform a careful, detailed analysis to determine if an extraction is needed before orthodontic treatment begins.

Complex Surgical Extractions

Unlike simple tooth extractions that can be performed quickly with an “elevator” tool, some extractions require a more complex surgical procedure. These surgical extractions usually involve teeth that are impacted in the gum tissue, which makes them difficult to access inside the mouth.

Our highly trained dental sedation experts and Wheaton oral surgery team provide support during all complex surgical extractions to ensure that your child doesn’t experience any pain, discomfort, or fear during the procedure. Once the tooth is removed, recovery is relatively simple, and the DPD Smiles team is here to provide support every step of the way!

Supernumerary (Extra) Teeth Extractions

The removal of extra teeth, known as a supernumerary extraction, is a fairly common procedure. When a DPD Rockstar has one or more extra teeth in the mouth, we extract it to prevent complications down the road. Since extra teeth can cause crowding, decay, and misalignment, it’s important to extract them as early as possible.

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We accept most insurances

Excited Child With Mouth Open


Oral surgery
consults for all ages!