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It is with great pleasure that we share exciting news regarding our growing DPD Smiles Family!

Dr. Joshi is expecting and will be taking some time off for maternity leave starting at the end of May/early June. At this time it is her intention to return on Monday, July 8th. Despite being away from the office, Dr. Joshi will continue to have a focus on her first child, DPD Smiles. While on leave, she will be available for consultation so please share any concerns and feedback with our team. They will most certainly be in daily communication with Dr. Joshi!

As you know, we take great pride in your care and the DPD Smiles experience you receive at our dental home. Thus, we have gone to great lengths to make sure your experience is still the same if not more fun and easy! During her absence, you will see the same familiar faces in our amazing assistant Ariana, gentle hygenius Gemma, masterly hygenius Megan, charming Dr. Chong and of course awesome Ajay! Joining them will be Dr. Aarti Patel, who has been personally trained by Dr. Joshi to provide the same level of care for your loved ones. Dr. Patel has joined the DPD Smiles family and will be assisting in the care of your loved ones until Dr. Joshi returns.

Dr. Patel grew up in North Carolina and knew at an early age that dentistry was her calling. She has spent several years after receiving her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from New York University advancing on her skills and techniques, with a specialty in handling complex cases and emergency dentistry. She is friendly with an energetic spirit that instantly makes anyone more comfortable at our dental home. In her free time, she loves dancing, baking (yes even she has a sweet tooth), and enjoying time with friends and family. Community involvement is very important to Dr. Patel and we hope we you will find that she adds more flavor to this community when you meet her!

Our DPD Smiles growth story does not end there! We have also added 4 paws to team! Saya (black) & Vani (tan), our therapy dogs in training, will be around the office intermittently and available to help your child, should they chose so, with any of their dental visits! With studies showing how therapy dogs can reduce anxiety and stress in some individuals, it shouldn’t be surprising that DPD Smiles and our patients can benefit from these friendly furry team members. Saya & Vani will be free to run around with one job: Make people "paws"itively comfortable with all aspects of their dental visits!

Of course, with issues such as allergies, we have to adopt more stringent regulations about how to incorporate therapy dogs into our dental home. Following national guidelines will help us incorporate therapy dogs into patient treatment safely and efficiently. For these reasons, we have adopted the following rules and policies on our therapy dogs:

1. Saya & Vani will be kept in the back clinical area only, we will not be bringing them out into the waiting area or near doors where they could potentially startle new guests. However, they do love making new friends!.

2. Saya & Vani are miniature Austrialian Shepard - Poodles (aussie doodles) and as thus are F1B hypoallergenic, however in cases of severe allergies please notify us as soon as possible and we will make all necessary precautions to make sure your child is seen safely and securely.

3. As we have two amazing therapy dogs on hand, two children at a time will be able to benefit from holding our furry friends during treatment. Unfortunately, we may have to make a decision at times as which child can hold Saya & Vani at a given time.

As always please let us know if you have any particular concerns or questions about how your needs will be addressed during this period. Thank you for your confidence in our dental family. We look forward to seeing you very soon!

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