St. Charles Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Is your child ready to have his or her wisdom teeth removed? Find out what to expect with a complimentary consultation.

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Wisdom teeth are the third (and final) set of molars to develop. But unlike other teeth, they erupt far later on in your child’s development. For experienced wisdom teeth removal in St. Charles, reach out to our office for a complimentary consultation to see if now is the time for removal.

Side-Effects of Wisdom Teeth

Because of their location, wisdom teeth may not have adequate space to erupt properly. And when they do come in, they’re extremely difficult to clean on a day-to-day basis. The crowding can lead to issues like:

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    Impaction or partial impaction

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    Higher risk of tooth decay

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    Gum infections

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    Crowding in other teeth

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    Jaw pain and swelling

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    Damage to adjacent teeth

When is Wisdom Teeth Removal Recommended?

Proactive wisdom tooth removal is recommended if your teen’s molars are impacted, developing at an angle, or are likely to damage the adjacent teeth. Instead of risking the health of their neighboring teeth, it’s best to eliminate the one causing the problems (in this case, wisdom teeth.)

Sometimes our St. Charles Orthodontist will recommend a consult with our oral surgery team, our wisdom tooth specialist, to better prepare for orthodontic treatment. We’ll routinely monitor your teen’s oral development to determine if and when an extraction is necessary while they are a patient of DPD Smiles.

Additionally, wisdom teeth extraction is recommended for young adults and teenagers because the recovery tends to be much easier, more comfortable and quicker than it is for adults.

Scheduling a Wisdom Tooth Evaluation

By the time your child is in their mid-teens, their wisdom teeth will already be far along in their development. However, their third molars can continue forming well into their mid to late twenties. Scheduling a wisdom tooth consultation while your teen is still in high school can help you address any impacted wisdom teeth or other complications well before they head off to college.

Young Adult Before Wisdom Teeth Removal

Removal with an Oral Surgery Specialist

Our St. Charles oral surgery team performs all wisdom tooth extractions right here in our office. With an oral surgery specialist on our team, we can offer personalized, efficient care for your family under one roof. Since wisdom teeth are typically impacted or partially impacted, the removal process is a bit more complex than other straightforward types of tooth removal.

Sedation During Oral Surgery

Our oral surgery specialist is trained to administer multiple sedation techniques. We also have an on-staff children's anesthesiologist who can administer general anesthesia if needed. Whether your teen requires laughing gas, IV sedation or general anesthesia, we’ll be able to perform the procedure on-site without an additional trip to a surgical center or hospital facility. We will consult with the patient and parents prior to the procedure and move forward with what each person feels most comfortable with.

Recovery After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Plan to keep things easy for several days. Have your teen stock up on their favorite soft foods, such as ice cream, yogurt, pudding, or anything else with a gentle texture (like oatmeal or cottage cheese.) Help keep them hydrated but have them avoid using straws or drinking anything carbonated. If your teen is involved in athletics, it’s important that they wait at least a week or two before getting back into their workout routine. We’ll prescribe appropriate anti-inflammatory medication and will follow up to ensure they’re feeling well after their procedure.

Free Wisdom Teeth Removal Consultations

If your teen is complaining of sore jaws, gums that hurt, or are you noticing their teeth starting to crowd together, definitely schedule a consultation. However, scheduling prior to any issues is a great way plan out a timeline for treatment and prepare. Call us today to schedule a wisdom tooth evaluation.

We Accept Most Insurances!