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Children’s Sedation Dentistry

Alleviate your child's dental anxiety with sedation dentistry options from a certified pediatric anesthesiologist at DPD Smiles.

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From time to time, some children need to have their dental treatments completed under sedation. DPD Smiles – Pediatrics & Orthodontics offers multiple options for children’s sedation dentistry in St. Charles to ensure your child’s comfort and safety, so that complex or lengthy procedures can be completed. Sedation is also helpful if your child might otherwise be unable to sit through a routine procedure.

Does My Child Need Sedation?

Sedation dentistry for kids is extremely helpful when a patient:

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    Is anxious – even if it’s just dental anxiety

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    Has trouble sitting still for long

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    Has a sensitive gag reflex

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    Requires extensive treatment

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    Has special needs that require specialist oversight

Treating dental diseases early helps to minimize — or prevent — any risk to your child’s developing permanent teeth. The healthier their childhood smile is, the better chance they’ll have at keeping their adult teeth for an entire lifetime.

Types of Sedation

Laughing Gas — Nitrous oxide is the lightest type of sedation used by our pediatric dentist. We recommend laughing gas on the majority of basic treatments, such as fillings or crowns. Your child will feel giggly, sleepy, or calm. Plus, it reverses within a matter of minutes once the visit is complete.

IV Sedation — Twilight sedation makes your child feel as if they’re sleeping through the entire appointment. Medication is delivered via an IV line for rapid onset and optimal comfort. Check out the video below to see the easy process behind IV sedation.

General Anesthesia — When complexities arise that require hospital-level anesthesia, we have a Board Certified Pediatric Anesthesiologist as part of our team, preventing the need to bring your child to a hospital for treatment. If a child requires this level of sedation, parents absolutely love that their child can complete their dental treatment in their dental home.

St. Charles Pediatric Anesthesiologist

We are very grateful to be partnered with Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Associates to bring our patients the best in care. Our Board Certified Pediatric Anesthesiologist allows us to safely administer sedation medications without separate referrals to a surgical facility. Your child’s safety and comfort are our top priority. Being able to offer exceptionally advanced services in our facility streamlines your child’s care without the added anxiety or costs of a hospital visit.

Benefits of Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

Sedation is helpful for cases where a child requires extensive amounts of treatment, is typically unable to sit through routine procedures, or has special needs that make routine care more challenging. By eliminating the oral infection and restoring their smile as early as possible, we can prevent the spread of disease into adjacent tissues and surrounding teeth. That way your child will be able to enjoy the healthy smile that they deserve and maintain it for years to come.

Another great benefit of kid’s sedation dentistry is that our doctors can often perform multiple procedures all in one sitting. This allows for more dental work to be completed in less visits which is a big win for both the child’s oral health and their stress level.

Is sedation safe?

Absolutely! We carefully review your child’s health history and will consult with other medical specialists as needed. Since DPD Smiles has a team made up of licensed anesthesiologists, oral surgery experts, an orthodontic team and pediatric dentists, your child can enjoy some of the highest level of care possible.

Our dental office adheres to the guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry & the American Academy for Pediatrics.

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DPD provides in-house specialist care including sedation dentistry for children. If you’re concerned about special needs or know your child may need to “sleep” through their medically necessary dental care, we encourage you to give our office a call.

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