St. Charles Laser Dentistry for Kids

Soft tissue laser technology allows for gentle care on even the youngest dental patient.

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Our office incorporates dental laser therapy to allow for a stress-free, no shots, no drills, comfortable experience for the entire family. Thanks to BIOLASE technology, your child can also enjoy a faster recovery time. Our St. Charles children's laser dentist, Dr. Joshi, has years of experience in utilizing the BIOLASE technology for a range of procedures. Your child is in trusted, experienced hands.

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Benefits of Laser Dentistry

BIOLASE dental lasers are FDA approved. Incorporating a laser into your child’s dental procedure ensures a higher level of accuracy and a practically pain-free procedure. Instead of utilizing traditional surgical methods, lasers use a highly powered beam of light energy to treat specific concerns in a minimally invasive manner.

  • No Shots or Drilling

    The minimally invasive nature of dental lasers can eliminate the need for local anesthetic (numbing medication) in some circumstances. And if your child’s cavity is small enough, the laser can clean out the entire area of decay without our pediatric dentist having to touch a dental drill.

  • Lasers Minimize Bleeding and Swelling

    Traditional types of oral surgery often require small incisions. But an incision can also trigger inflammation (a primary source of pain) and is followed by bleeding. If we apply a laser to the area instead, swelling is kept to a minimum and bleeding is all but eliminated.

  • Faster Recovery Times

    The gentle cauterization effect created by a laser speeds up the healing process. That way your child won’t need sutures, medicated dressings, or prescription pain relievers. They’ll be back to their normal routine in no time.

  • They’re Extremely Accurate

    Preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible by only treating the small area of decay. Lasers are less invasive than using a dental drill, minimizing the impact on adjacent tooth enamel.

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Types of Laser Dentistry Services

Laser dentistry allows our dental office to provide a more gentle, less stressful and comfortable experience for patients of all ages. It also allows us to enhance treatments we were previously doing and increase the amount of treatments we can offer our patients. Our laser can provide cold sore therapy, cavity repair without the need of a dental drill, frenectomies, treat "gummy" smiles, be used in conjunction with orthodontic treatment and much more. See below for some of our most common laser dentistry services:

Drill-Free Fillings

Catching tooth decay early means it’s possible to repair the area without having to use shots or drills. A small laser dental filling is extremely gentle for children and helps promote an environment where young patients can look forward to their dental appointment. No shots, no drilling and no pain for children's cavity repair is a huge win and one of our favorite ways to utilize our laser.

Tongue Tie Repair (Lingual Frenectomy)

Tongue ties can be quite problematic, especially for newborns. With limited tongue movement, latching to feed can be extremely difficult (and even painful for nursing mothers.) Fortunately, tongue-tie treatment with a laser is safe for infants and can be completed in a matter of a few minutes.

Lip Tie Treatment (Labial Frenectomy)

Lip ties and tongue ties alike can inhibit normal speech development in children of all ages. By releasing the tight strip of skin just behind the lip, it’s easier for your child to smile with confidence, eat more easily, and speak more clearly.

Teeth Whitening

Teens (and adults) love our Epic laser teeth whitening. They often use this after their orthodontic treatment to help get their teeth 6-12 shades whiter and brighter! If you're curious as to how this works, give our office a call!

Learn More About Laser Dentistry

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We Accept Most Insurances!