St. Charles Oral Surgery

Aside from preventative and basic children’s dentistry, we also offer in-house oral surgery treatments. In instances where patients require complex therapies or extractions, our team of specialists works together to ensure quality care in a gentle, safe environment.

Should your child need oral surgery in St. Charles, we’ll review the care plan with you and discuss what options are available. Our care coordinators will also create a written outline that estimates your insurance benefits as they pertain to the required treatments.

Impacted Canines and Orthodontic Extractions

Canines (also called cuspids or “eye teeth”) at the corner of the mouth can occasionally become impacted or partially impacted. When they do, it can cause the tooth to erupt quite high in the gumline or not at all. For orthodontic purposes, it may be necessary to access those teeth and guide them down into place.

If your child’s bite is extremely narrow or crowded, an orthodontic extraction may be needed to create extra space. Typically, we will extract a premolar, which is the tooth just behind the canine. The removal will then create the space necessary to align other teeth.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Young Adult Before Wisdom Teeth Removal

Complex Teeth Extractions

Hyperdontia Extra Teeth

Sedation & Anesthesia

Kid Receiving Sedation Dentistry

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

One of the most common types of oral surgery that we perform in our practice is the removal of impacted or partially impacted wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth become lodged inside of the bone, against an adjacent tooth, or have cysts around them, removal promotes better wellness for the remaining teeth. Most of our wisdom tooth extractions are performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia.

Sedation Appointments

Even without complex extractions at play, some children require an extra level of supervision during their medically necessary dental care. If your child requires several tooth extractions but has an underlying condition that may interfere with a traditional appointment, their procedure can be scheduled under sedation for added comfort (and efficiency.) Our on-staff licensed anesthesiologist oversees deep sedation cases to ensure maximum safety for each of the children that we serve.

Oral Surgery Specialist On Staff

DPD is one of the few multi-specialty practices in the area to provide in-house access to an oral surgery provider. Having an expert on our team ensures personalized, efficient care for your family at the highest standard of safety possible. There’s no need to visit a separate surgery center or hospital, as our team of specialists and in-house facilities allow us to care for your child in a setting that already feels like home.

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