How Does Nitrous Oxide Work? Wheaton Sedation Dentistry

How Does Nitrous Oxide Work Dental Office

Nitrous oxide — or “laughing gas” as most of us call it — is one of the lightest, safest types of sedation used in dental offices. In fact, it’s been used for over a couple of hundred years. For those eligible, DPD Smiles – Pediatrics & Orthodontics provides nitrous oxide in Wheaton for children, teen…

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Overcoming Children’s Dental Anxiety in Wheaton

Overcoming Children's Dental Anxiety

A trip to the pediatric dentist can be a scary event for a child. Especially the first visit, or if they had a bad experience their first go around. As parents, we understand the importance of routine exams and promoting good oral hygiene, but our kids often don’t. Dr. Joshi discusses what she has seen…

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