Office Tour

Dental Home Tour - Welcome to DPD Smiles, where we can help meet all of your child's dental needs. Our goal is to make dentistry fun and we do that from the very first visit. As many children and parents are nervous about a first dental visit, we invite you to watch this tour of our dental home. We look forward to meeting you soon and welcome to our DPD Smiles family!

Smile Station - Where else can you take selfies to show off your beautiful smile? To share your AMAZING DPD experience we have added a selfie station! Lights... Camera... 1, 2, 3! Keep smiling with DPD!

3D Imaging - Check out what's new at DPD! Our Itero 3D Scanner is the latest and greatest in dental technology. You will receive real time and detailed imaging within seconds. With Digital Scans at DPD Smiles in Glen Ellyn, we can get more accurate scans than with normal dental impressions to help personalize an custom appliance or Invisalign treatment plan that is best for you. The Itero 3D Scanner makes your DPD experience even greater!

Keefe Family Testimonial - Mrs. Keefe instantly felt comfortable at our practice, a feeling she could never put a price tag on! So what makes DPD Smiles so special to her. Maybe it was being able to come back to the clinical area with her girls or the fact that her little ones look forward to all of their visits with us. Hear all about why she would recommend no other pediatric dentist for your loved ones!

Bordignon Family Testimonial - As a mother of 3, Mrs. Bordignon can tell you all about what she has learned is important when it comes to the care of your child. She started her children at a pediatric dental office and would recommend every other parent do the same. If your child sees a pediatrician, why take them to anybody else but a pediatric dentist. Hear how this family loves each visit more than the last despite coming to see us for years!

Meet The Doctor - Dr. Joshi is a super passionate pediatric dental specialist. While we can list her academic qualifications, we want to make sure you feel comfortable with her background and training. Here you can get a brief glimpse into who this dentist/artist/philanthropist is. She is thrilled to meet you!