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Great Customer Service

Great customer service, staff interactions and bedside manner for my kids.

John Graham | 12/18/2019

High Tech Check-in

My daughters like the dentist, and we are glad that there is an orthodontist in the same office. Love check-in process is high tech.

Winnie Lo | 12/16/2019

Quick and Painless

Just got a cavity filled in my 4yo, it was quick and painless! The staff did a great job making her feel comfortable and safe. Thanks DPD Smiles!

Erin Morrison | 12/11/2019
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Five Stars

Great caring staff, daughter was really nervous about getting a tooth pulled and they were excellent and exceptional at caring to her nervousness.

Korrin Begy | 12/10/2019
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Friendly and caring staff

Great visit as always. Friendly and caring staff who put up with my little knuckleheads while providing great care for their oral issues.

Matt Matkowski | 12/9/2019

The staff is pleasant.

All 3 kids were checked & cleaned in under an hour; all at the same time. Convenient for our busy schedule. The waiting room is kid friendly and immaculately clean (love the idea of taking off wet/dirty shoes at the door-just like at home). We had fun with the selfie machine! The kids loved being greeted by the two new therapy dogs. So sweet & obedient. The staff is pleasant. Dr Joshi helped Reinforce the importance of proper hygiene to my less than willing tween and helped us come up with a treatment plan. My kids also enjoyed picking a new toothbrush and getting a coin for the prize machine. An added bonus. #keepsmilingwithdpd #buzzybooth

Katie Fils | 12/2/2019

Convenient for our busy schedule

All 3 kids were checked & cleaned in under an hour; all at the same time. Convenient for our busy schedule. The waiting room is kid friendly and immaculately clean (love the idea of taking off wet/dirty shoes at the door-just like at home). We had fun with the selfie machine! The kids loved being greeted by the two new therapy dogs. So sweet & obedient. The staff is pleasant. Dr Joshi helped Reinforce the importance of proper hygiene to my less than willing tween and helped us come up with a treatment plan. My kids also enjoyed picking a new toothbrush and getting a coin for the prize machine. An added bonus. #keepsmilingwithdpd #buzzybooth

Katie K. | 12/2/2019

It was a great experience with you guys

It was a great experience with you guys 😊😊😊

Aruna | 12/2/2019

The best pediatric dental practice around!

Dr. Joshi, Dr. Chong, and the DPD family are the best pediatric dental practice around! We are so happy that we found them. My daughter's dentist anxiety is now non-existent!

Kim M. | 11/25/2019

Dr Joshi & her practice are the best!!

We always enjoy our visits. All the dental hygienists are so great. Dr Joshi & her practice are the best!!

Lisa B. | 11/23/2019

Wonderful Experience

Was a wonderful experience. The staff are so good at handling kids. Totally stress free experience. Would love to be back here again for our next routine check.

Asish | 11/21/2019
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Wonderful Experience

Was a wonderful experience. The staff are so good at handling kids. Totally stress free experience. Would love to be back here again for our next routine check.

Asish | 11/21/2019

Great Experience

We had a great experience. I will be bringing my daughter there from now on.

Barbara I. | 11/21/2019

Very professional and kind

Very professional and kind, my 5 year old daughter who was once a hysterical patient feels at ease there and has had quite a bit of work done without incident.

Britni L. | 11/18/2019



Lizbeth | 11/18/2019

We Love DPD

We love dpd. My daughter actually gets excited and looks forward to going to the dentist since we've been going to dpd. Highly recommend.

Jessica W. | 11/11/2019
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Looks forward to visiting the dentist

My daughter actually looks forward to visiting the dentist since we've been going to dpd.

Jessica W. | 11/11/2019

Professional Service!

Friendly, professional service!!

Craig | 11/06/2019

Wonderful Experience

We’ve had wonderful experiences at DPD. Our son had 2 small cavities once and they handled him with such care. Making sure he never felt embarrassed or shamed and helping him make better dental choices in the future! Thanks DPD.

Kasey P. | 10/16/2019
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Absolute Best!
DPD Smiles is the absolute best. I can’t imagine bringing our kids anywhere else!

Kristen D. | 10/29/2019

Great First Visit!
Had a great first visit for James and Cassie.

Debbie M. | 10/28/2019

Thanks for being so kind!

LILYANNA | 10/27/2019

We appreciate everyone at DPD!

Can not say enough about how much we appreciate everyone at DPD. My daughter has had several procedures and all have gone incredibly smooth. Having had a terrible experience at another Glen Ellyn peds dentist, my daughter was nervous at her 1st appt at DPD but now truly loves coming to the dentist. She just got braces with Dr. Chong and yet again another thoughtful,  pain free, caring experience!

c noensie | 10/16/2019
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Gets the job done!

Very friendly and gets the job done!

Dawn T. | 10/15/2019

Friendly Staff!

Nice friendly staff

Ahmed A. | 10/14/2019

Everyone Was Nice!

Great, it was quick and everyone was very nice.

Paige | 10/2/2019

Love It Here!

We love it here! Enjoyable experience & very friendly. All 4 of my kids are patients. 🤩

Lisa M. | 10/2/2019

Highly Recommend!

The staff is very nice and make my daughter very comfortable. We very rarely have to wait very long and are usually in and out on 30 mins or so. I highly recommend DPD Smiles!

Megan M. | 10/2/2019

Great Place!

Always a great place to go.

Jessica P. | 9/28/2019
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Love This Place!

Love This Place.

Jessica P. | 9/28/2019

Great Atmosphere!

Always a great atmosphere.

Jessica P. | 9/28/2019

Best Experience Ever!

Loved my first dental appt. Best experience ever. Plus I got gifts too and better eating habits. 

Luke P. | 9/26/2019

Friendly and Patient

Friendly and patient staff! My son always leaves with a smile ( and a brighter one !!)

K Gross | 9/18/2019
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Kids Love It

We always love coming in! Everyone is kind and the kids actually love it.

Dana B. | 9/18/2019

Calming and Professional

Such a calming and professional setting and procedure done in a a fast and safe way.

Charlotte T. | 9/17/2019

Very Engaging!

Just great. Very engaging and accommodating to our son with special needs. I can not recommend them highly enough.


Mac S. | 8/22/2019
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A Great Experience!

We had a great experience with our first visit! Both my girls (4.5 yo and 1.5 yo) were seen and all the staff were very friendly and great with them. The girls loved the waiting room with all the toys and books. My oldest needed xrays and was very nervous, but the staff did a great job of keeping her calm and distracted enough to get all the xrays done. They explained everything well to both my daughter and me, and answered all my questions. Then came time to see my 1.5 yo for her first check up and cleaning. She screamed and cried pretty much the whole time but they were so good at getting the job done and keeping it as quick as they could, and handled her difficult mood in a very calm, seemingly easy manner. Overall such a great experience and would definitely recommend!

Stephanie Z. | 8/22/2019
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The Staff is Great!

My 18 month old had a blast at DPD this morning! The staff is great and always makes it a fun time

Maggie M. | 8/20/2019

You Guys Are the Best!

You guys are the best and always make it a fun time for my little one!

Maggie M. | 8/20/2019

Great Overall Experience!

Great overall experience. It was my kids first time going to the Dentist and they were obviously scared. The staff was very friendly and made them feel very comfortable. Great experience. 

Frank G. | 8/19/2019

A Wonderful Visit!

A wonderful visit as always. We've been coming for years with, now, 4 kids, tween to toddler. Love that it's a 1 stop shop with orthodontist and dentist in one office!!!

Jessica R. | 8/18/2019

Love This Dental Office!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dental office! My son, who has learning disabilities along with sensory issues, feels 100% comfortable in this office. We have been going here for almost three years now, and we will never go anywhere else. Before we even set foot in the office Mr. AJ spent a great deal of time speaking with me and explaining how they can accommodate children with special needs, and addressed my concerns regarding what things would make son feel comfortable, or scare him. I was very worried about how my son would react in this setting, so speaking with him really set my mind at ease! At our first visit all the staff went above and beyond in making sure my son felt comfortable and was not scared during his visit. They asked tons of questions regarding the things that would trigger fear or anxiety in my son, and tailored his care around these factors. They give such special and personalized care, and I have not encountered this anywhere else. It's not easy treating kids who have these issues, and this office did not seem to bat an eye at the challenge! They have consistently created a positive experience for my son every single visit, and he now has zero anxiety or fear when visiting their office. Let me tell you....this is HUGE! Last April my son had to have a couple cavities filled and he received anesthesia to have this done. Dr. Joshi is such a expert in her field and did a phenomenal job. My son's teeth looked great! We were 100% pleased with the whole process, from the explanation of the cost involved with our insurance to Dr. Joshi's greeting us at the hospital before the procedure, and speaking to us after as well. I'm telling you, she is a true professional and delivers the highest quality of care! It is clear she loves children and takes their health seriously. She is a blessing and we are so grateful for all of her hard work. Along with Dr. Joshi, all of the staff here are TRULY AMAZING! From the wonderful Mr. AJ at the front (who always says hello to my son and asks him how he is doing), to the patient and kind dental hygienists, I just cannot stress enough how wonderful each and every person is in this office. If all of this is not amazing enough, the office is absolutely immaculate! Every time I have visited it is always extremely clean. It always smells lovely as well. I 100% recommend DPD!!!!!!


D.W. | 8/15/2019

What An Amazing Experience!

My 3.5 years old had his first appointment today. What and amazing experience!! The place was so clean and kid friendly. I was also so impressed by how well the staff worked with my son. He LOVED it! Can’t wait for our next visit!

Kelly A. | 7/25/2019

Excellent Dental Work!

Great staff!  Excellent dental work!  The office staff is very organized & fun, with great communication.  Dr. Joshi & the hygienists are very attentive & so kind to the kiddos.  Highly recommend!

Katie B. | 7/18/2019
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Great First Experience!

Great first experience with my two year old who chipped her two front teeth, Dr. Joshi was kind and calm and helped make a plan to fix them!

Maria S. | 7/17/2019
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Always On Time!

Always on time, quick, friendly, and thorough. No anxiety from my kid anymore.


Lorene H. | 7/15/2019

Dr. Joshi and Her Staff Are a Blessing!

Dr Joshi and her staff are a blessing to my family. My son suffers from anxiety among other issues. DPD has taken their time with him and have shown so much patience and compassion. He still suffers from anxiety but not as much when he has dental appointments with DPD. They are truly exceptional and incredibly good at what they do. I wish I knew about them when he was much younger.

Marie P. | 7/11/2019

They Make the Kids Feel Comfortable!

They are always up front about everything. They make the kids feel comfortable.

Jessica F. | 7/10/2019

So Glad I Found This Place!

So glad I found this place for my now 3.5-year-old. She had her first dentist visit here when she was 2.5 and actually thinks the dentist's office is a fun place to go :) The office is clean and very child-friendly. They have decorated so nicely and have toys, books, and other activities for the kids to do - it really makes my daughter feel playful and comfortable on her visits. The wait time has never been more than 10 minutes. The staff we have interacted with have all been very friendly and great with kids. Love the hygienist - she is really good with my daughter. Dr. Joshi has also been great albeit we only see her for a short time after the hygienist is done because my daughter hasn't needed any further dental work. I haven't had any problems with billing. They recently got 2 therapy dogs for the office which is awesome if your kid needs some calming. 

Julie M. | 7/2/2019

Highly Recommend!

They have such a wonderful, friendly, and knowledgeable staff! My daughter loves playing with the Barbie dentist set and brushing the “chompers” in the kid-friendly office. I highly recommend DPD Smiles!

Julie M. | 5/7/2019

Great Staff!

Great staff!!!super friendly simply the best dentist office for any kid but if you got kid with special needs this is the ultimate place for you

Rabia U. | 4/20/2019
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Dr. Joshi and Her Team Are Awesome!

Dr. Joshi and her team are awesome! My son like most is scarred for going to the dentist. He's been comfortable enough to walk in back by him self and has said he like this dentist! We have done an out patient/ day surgery as well with Dr. Joshi and again amazing. I felt reassured that we were making the right choice for all the dental work my son needed. 

Cynthia G.. | 4/18/2019

Fun for Both Kids and Parents!

We were a little late in the game and had our first visit with a few cavities present. I really appreciated the delicate honesty without any shaming. My son had a wonderful experience and loves going in to see Dr.Joshi. The assistants were amazing as well, making the atmosphere light and fun for both the kids and the parents :)

Galina C. | 4/2/2019
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Great With Kids!

Fast, great with kids. My 4 year old loves going and fells very proud I when we are done

Ashley K. | 4/1/2019

We Love Dr. Joshi!

We love Dr. Joshi and her team at DPD Smiles, When it was time to bring my eldest daughter who was 2yo to the dentist for the first time I chose DPD Smiles because it was the closest pediatric dentist to my house and they took my insurance....those were really my only considerations at the time. Took my daughter to her appointment. Everyone there is super energetic and makes the entire experience fun. The waiting room has cool toys and kids get prizes at the end of the appointment. Overall a great first dentist appointment.  Fast forward a few months, my daughter has a bad fall and damages her two front teeth. It was really scary and my poor daughter needed a few procedures to help correct the damage. Dr Joshi was AMAZING!!! Took great care of my daughter and I...was so gentle with her and took her time explaining all options and answering all my questions. The DPD Smiles team made a very traumatic event easier for us. Even with having a root canal and tooth extraction all before the age of 3 my daughter has no anxiety about going to the dentist and still enjoys seeing Dr. Joshi.

Kelly T. | 3/28/2019
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Always Have The Best Experience!

Dr Joshi and her staff are amazing. We always have the best experience at DPD!!! We travel from so far to come to see Dr. Joshi and always will!

Lisa B. | 3/28/2019

Dr. Joshi Is Amazing!

We have seen several pediatric dentists and must say that Dr. Joshi is amazing. My son has ASD and finally will sit in the dental chair for a cleaning. They are patient, kind and understanding. Thank you DPD Smiles!

Karrie W. | 3/21/2019

Absolutely Amazing!

Dr. Joshi and her staff are absolutely amazing. They have been so nice to our kids and the work they do is just perfection. Dr. Joshi takes her time and makes sure that she does the best work possible and in the most appropriate way every time. They explain everything and every step. We just left there because our 8 year old broke his front tooth in a fall over the weekend. They got us in explained the options and in no time at all she was done and his smile was exactly how it is supposed to be.

I highly highly recommend this pediatric dentist. You won't be disappointed.

Deb S. | 3/11/2019

The Staff Was Great!

This office and all the staff was GREAT!! They made my son feel as ease!! Highly recommended!!

Brandy J. | 2/19/2019
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Walked Out Excited!

Dr. Joshi and her staff were so amazing in easing our anxiety about the dentist. My daughter walked our excited to go home and brush her teeth!

Christina L. | 2/10/2019

Highly Recommend!

Highly recommend! Staff is extremely kind and accommodating,waiting room/office is very clean . You just walk in and get good vibes. My daughter loves going to the dentist! Thank you DPD for always providing a wonderful experience!

Jes M. | 2/09/2019

 Thank You For All That You Do!

My daughter has been to a lot of places and this was the first time I heard her say she really likes to go here. Thank you for all you do!!!

Liz N. | 2/08/2019

Very Good With Children!

The dentists and assistants were efficient, friendly, and very good with children!

Amy P. | 2/05/2019
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Received Great Advice!

We came to DPD Smiles with my daughter for a 2nd opinion. Check in was super easy as I submitted all of my paperwork online ahead of time.  Staff and dentist were all very nice and were patient dealing with my daughter, who has autism.  Received great advice and guidance and everything was explained so that I felt comfortable. Will come again.

Marla G. | 2/05/2019
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Would Definitely Recommend!

I have been in treatment for the last 3 months and it has been a great experience so far. Things look much better already. Would definitely recommend Dr. Chong for Invisalign treatment.

Jimy T. | 1/28/2019
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Friendly Staff!

Professional, friendly staff. Very accomodating and patient with children.

Rocio O. | 1/18/2019

Amazing Staff of Professionals!

A lovely clinic with an amazing staff of professionals who never fail to be friendly and helpful. They know exactly what they are doing and how to do it efficiently, and I don't think we have ever felt as comfortable in another office as we are in theirs. Great place!

Mildred G. | 1/11/2019

Clean, Friendly, and Very Informative!

From the first visit, both doctor and assistants have done a superb job. Clean, friendly and very informative on options available for treatment. Dr is understanding on my son’s fear and is very reassuring. Assistants answer all my son and my questions (in person and via email). Very glad I found this location and the treatment plan that has been put in place.


Tish A. | 1/7/2019
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Loved the Experience Here!

Loved the experience here! The staff was super welcoming and accomdating and the environment was inviting and calming. Definitely reccommend for pediatric dental work!

Aneri P. | 1/7/2019
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The Service Was Great!

The service was great. Had a great experience with my permanent braces being put in. Both Dr. Joshi and Dr. Chong were friendly and helpful.

Darshan P. | 1/7/2019
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We Love DPD Smiles!

We love DPD Smiles! Friendly, caring, and responsive to both parents and kids. My kids actually look forward to going!

Kristine R. | 1/6/2019

Pleasure To Work With!

Dr. Joshi is a pleasure to work with. They are sweet and gentle with my daughters and friendly and informative as well. I highly recommend them to anyone! Couldn't ask for better care!

Ramya R. | 1/6/2019

Extremely Friendly!

Dr. Joshi and Dr. Chong do a great job at making kids feel comfortable. The staff is also extremely friendly. I would highly recommend DPD Smiles!

Shefu P. | 1/6/2019

Kids Love It!

I highly recommend DPD Smiles. The staff is professional and very well anticipates what kids need. The facility is kid friendly too and kids love it! It’s always a pleasure meeting Dr. Joshi :)

Sachi M. | 1/6/2019

Puts Me At Ease!

Everything from the first call to all the goodies at the end of the appointment has been amazing. I’ve never seen my kids have this kind of fun and walk away with a wealth of of good lessons and habits from Dr. Joshi and her team. It was also nice meeting Dr. Chong, the orthodontist, who squeezed us into his busy schedule for a quick consultation. It puts me at ease knowing he works so closely with Dr. Joshi on my kids comprehensive care

Bob P. | 1/5/2019

Could Not Be Happier!

Comprehensive pediatric and orthodontic services. My kids were in their happy place all due to the well trained and thorough doctors and staff. Could not be happier!

Arun J. | 1/4/2019
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Fun Environment for Children!

Excellent service. Dr. Joshi knows how to create a fun environment for children and put them at ease. My kids actually look forward to going to the dentist thanks to her. Thank you!

Rebecca B. | 1/4/2019
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Excellent Service!

Excellent service. Dr. Joshi knows how to create a fun environment for children and put them at ease. My kids actually look forward to going to the dentist.

Rebecca B. | 1/3/2019

Will Definitely Recommend!

Very caring, attentive doctor, & staffs. Will definitely recommend DPD Smiles.

Kimberly C. | 12/19/2018
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Very Knowledgeable and Kind!

The doctors are very knowledgeable and kind. They make you feel very comfortable. I would recommend them to everyone!

Heather A. | 12/15/2018
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Only Positive Things to Say!

DPD Smiles is amazing with both my one year old and four year old. I highly recommend them and have only positive things to say about every person in that office!

Kristen V. | 12/10/2018
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You Are the Best!

Thank you DPD Smiles! You are the best!

Wonderful Dental | 12/06/2018
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Every Visit is Great!

Every visit with Dr. Joshi is great!

Meredith B. | 12/06/2018

Always Have a Positive Experience!

It was great. We were taken before our appt time. We always have a positive experience when we come!

Karen W. | 12/05/2018

We Are Extremely Happy!

My daughter has been a patient here for several years and we are extremely happy. She actually gets excited to see the dentist and show off how well she is doing with calling for her teeth.

Jessica W. | 11/05/2018

Friendly and Great With Kids!

Today was my daughter’s first visit here, she had a consultation, second opinion and we got some helpful information. Overall, we liked it. They were professional, knowledgeable, friendly and great with kids! We will definitely be back for both my daughters 👍🏻👍🏻

Krista M. | 10/23/2018
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So Easy and Fun!

The entire staff made my son's first appointment so easy and fun. Everyone worked quick and was extremely friendly. He's already excited for his next appointment.

Melissa B. | 10/18/2018

The Entire Staff is Great!

The entire staff is great here! They ensured my son had the best experience. He loved it so much he cannot wait to come back again! Thank you DPD Smiles!

Sofia F. | 10/18/2018

The Staff Is So Amazing!

Dr. Joshi and the staff are amazing! They do a great job of working with our 3 year old, and everyone is very kind and patient. They have a ton of fun things for the kids as well... prizes, toys, stickers, books, etc. Highly recommend!!


Hayley B. | 10/06/2018

So Very Impressed!

I was so very impressed at our first appointment today! Thank you SO much to Megan and Dr. Joshi for making a toddler dental cleaning an EASY experience. She had a blast and has been playing dentist all night. Her teeth are squeaky clean and she loved all the take-home items.

Jackie G. | 9/27/2018

Very Friendly Staff!

Very friendly staff. Dr is awesome with kids. Definitely recommended.

Anubhav V. | 9/19/2018
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Highly Recommended!

Dr. Joshi and everyone in this office is so great! They are highly recommended.

Kristen D. | 9/17/2018

Such a Wonderful Experience!

We had such a wonderful experience today with my strong-willed 3-year-old. Megan, the dental hygienist really made the effort to get my daughter comfortable and talked to her on her level. Dr. Joshi was super knowledgeable and patient with my child. I would highly recommend bringing your child here. They will not disappoint!

Melissa C. | 8/17/2018

Appreciate the Staff!

I appreciate that the staff &  Dr., always take the time out to speak to the parents about the visit.

Kim K. | 8/2/2018
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The Staff is Truly Wonderful!

I highly recommend DPD Smiles. The staff is truly wonderful. One of my kids (age 3.5) thinks going to the dentist is the best thing ever because they make it such a great experience. My younger one (age 1.5) isn’t a fan of any type of care provider in general, but the staff was so patient and kind during our visit and made sure his exam was completed as quickly (read: efficiently) as possible to minimize the amount of tears, which made things a lot less stressful. It is apparent that the staff work great together as a team. Everyone is very friendly and professional. I’m very thankful we’ve found this practice and will continue to recommend it to others!

Mallory B. | 8/1/2018
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Amazing Staff!

Amazing Staff! Always make my daughter feel comfortable!

Arnika D. | 8/1/2018

So Patient and Gentle!

We were with Dr Kirtland and then Dr Joshi and have been going ever since. From front desk to hygienists to Dr joshi, all are so patient and gentle w/my 11yo who is on the Autism Spectrum! He went from needing 6 assistants to do a cleaning,now he does well on his own. No cavities! We are very pleased and recommend highley!

Sandy L. | 7/31/2018

Extremely Relaxed and Patient!

The doctor and assistants are extremely relaxed and patient. My kids loved going to the dentist!

Hannah C. | 7/23/2018

Can't Ask For A Better Dentist!

Can't ask for a better dentist and team.

Timothy M. | 7/11/2018
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Super Fun!


My kids (4 & 2) exclaimed what a super fun morning they had! ... We spent it at the dentist. Enough said.

Eva J. | 6/26/2018
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They Do a Great Job!

My 4 year old was nervous but had a great experience and felt welcomed by the staff. They do a great job with kids and the whole office is set up with kids in mind.

Andrea & Joe Z. | 5/17/2018
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Very Helpful People!

very helpful people, scheduling was easy, Front desk staff, nurses and doctors are very respectful

Hina I. | 5/14/2018
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We Won't Go Anywhere Else!

Dr. Joshi was so great with my 2 year old, I was so impressed and we wont go anywhere else!

Dani W. | 5/7/2018
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Such a Great First Dental Experience!

Such a great first dentist experience for our son! The staff was great and he had fun at the office. We will definitely be taking our son's back to DPD.  :)

Amanda V. | 3/15/2018

Just Fantastic People!

Just fantastic people, literally every person in the office tried to make my son with autism feel welcomed and comfortable. They read all the paperwork I filled out and knew his likes/dislikes. They took time to let him get comfortable and never pushed him. I just brought typical my 2 yr old as well and had another great experience! 1/2 drive for us but totally worth it! Dr. Joshi has a great demeanor with kids, but doesn’t sugar coat the results for mom and dad. She really believes in healthy teeth!

Becky C. | 3/11/2018

A Great First Experience!

We had a great first experience! All the staff we interacted with were very kind and patient. My 3 year old loved the toys in the waiting room and of course the goody bag, prize, etc.! We'll be back in 6 mos!

Mallory B. | 2/5/2018

Our Experience With DPD Was Excellent!

To say that our experience with DPD was excellent, would be an understatement! From Ajay, to all the smiling assistants, to Dr. Joshi, it was such a refreshing and pleasant visit. They even stayed late to deal with my very fearful 6 year old! Everyone was so patient with him, it made the whole experience easier for my child and myself. We liked them so much (after they got us in for the very first time to address an emergency) that we have decided to switch both of our children over to this practice. Thank you DPD!

Kathleen R. | 1/30/2018

Office Is Thoughtfully Designed For Children!

I was very nervous taking my 2.5 year old daughter to the dentist as she generally scared of doctors etc but we had a great experience. Every aspect of Dr. Joshi’s office is thoughtfully designed for children to have a positive dental visit. Her staff is wonderful and clearly experienced in dealing with young children. Dr. Joshi herself was very friendly, knowledgeable and positive. Also, the takeaways can’t be beat, my daughter loved that she received a new toothbrush, toothpaste, chapstick, a small toy and even a T-shirt. She has already requested a return visit so she can play with all the toys and books available in the waiting room.

Erin S. | 12/18/2017
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I Wish Places Like This Existed When I Was a Kid!

I always say that I wish that places like this existed when I was a kid! The staff members are fabulous! They really do their best to make kids feel comfortable. My daughter looks forward to playing in the waiting room, choosing from their selection of toothbrushes/stickers and scoring a prize from the giant gumball machine. The cleaning and exam seem to go quickly, and we rarely have a wait. Love Dr. Joshi!

JC R Whit. | 12/17/2017

This is the Best Pediatric Dentist!

This is the best pediatric dentist. Staff is amazing and they will never make you feel like you are at Doctor's office. My 4yr did all her oral examination thinking as she was in theme park.

The office is good and have decorated in themes per festival / season. We went during Halloween.

Dr Kajal was best. She explained us all about dental care for my 4yr old.
Nurses were good as well.

Husein D. | 12/9/2017
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Glad I Stumbled Across DPD!

I found DPD when needing a last minute appointment for my infant. They were able to fit me in and were extremely kind about it as well. Everyone was great with my infant and tag-along kids, I felt welcomed and my kids respected. Glad I stumbled across DPD!

Jessica E. | 11/21/2017
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Everyone Was So Welcoming!

It was my 2 year old daughter's first time visiting and we had a great experience. Everyone was so welcoming and patient with her. She loved the sticker, prize, and goody bag at the end. She actually didn't want to leave because she was enjoying the visit so much. I'm bringing my 1 year old daughter next week. :)

Heidi A. | 11/9/2017

Such a Good Experience!

We have had such a good experience! Initially came in with concerns from a fall where my son hit his teeth, and then came again for his first cleaning. Everyone is incredibly nice and great with kids. It's crazy that my 20-month-old never cried during either appointment!

Arthur | 9/27/2017

Always So Attentive and Caring!

Always so attentive and caring! My children LOVE to go to the dentist, thanks to the team that they have. My children have been going here for years, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Sunshine E. | 9/26/2017

Great Staff, Great Facility, Great Experience!

Great staff, great facility, great experience for my 3 year old son who has been coming here for a year now.  Everything is super kid-friendly, cute, and clean, from all the cool toys in the waiting room to the exam room where they let parents come back and accompany the little ones while they get their checkup.  Everyone on the staff is friendly and professional and they know how to talk to kids and make them feel comfortable.  My son loves going to see Dr. Joshi.  She is a great dentist and runs an excellent practice.  Highly recommended!

Michael G. | 9/18/2017
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I Appreciate Them Without Any Doubt!

Dr. Joshi is very helpful. I got excellent service from her. The associates are also very helpful. The way they have treated my daughter Daneen is really amazing. I appreciate them without any doubt.

MD H. | 8/30/2017
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So Happy To Be Patients Here!

Very friendly office from the moment we walked in. Lots of toys, books, stuffed animals to keep kids entertained and excellent care provided! So happy to be patients here!

Katy L. | 8/29/2017
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My Kids Never Complain About Going To The Dentist!

Everyone is friendly and definitely kid-centered. They take time to explain the procedures before doing them and then the results on good detail. My kids never complain about going to the dentist!

Kristy R. | 8/10/2017
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Thorough and Positive Experience!

A quick, yet thorough and positive experience! Love that I can go back with them. And Dr. Joshi is very hands on. She booked our appointment! They answer all our questions patiently and completely.

Maggie R. | 8/8/2017

They Were Total Champs!

Super pleased with Dr. Joshi and her team! They have a clear understanding of kids and a lot of patience. It was my child's first visit, and they were total champs. They're a great option for your kiddos!

Laura A. | 8/1/2017
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Excited About Going To This Dentist!

My kids get excited about going to this dentist. I highly recommend them.

Jacqueline H. | 7/30/2017
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Overall, It Was Perfect!

We had an excellent experience with DuPage Pediatric Dentistry. Today was our 2 year old daughter's first time at the dentist and they were so great with her. They were so quick, so kind & very thorough. My daughter was very scared/upset (even though there was no reason for her to be, at all...) and they were beyond patient with her. They answered all of our questions and walked is through anything we need to do going forward, with our daughter's dental hygiene etc...They gave us goody bags on our way out, and a little "prize" for our daughter,which she loved.
Overall, it was perfect:)!

Caroline S. | 7/20/2017

Wonderful With Kids!

Amazing. They are wonderful with kids. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Marjorie B. | 7/20/2017
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Nothing Less Than Extraordinary

The staff is nothing less than extraordinary for our 5yo. We will definitely be taking our 10onth old when she's ready!

Caitlin E. | 7/14/2017

Kind, Patient, and Great With Kids!

Dr. Joshi and all her staff are kind, patient, and great with kids. We have been coming to DPD for more than 8 years, and we will continue to return even though we moved much further west.

Katie D. | 7/12/2017
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He Has Been Asking To Brush All Day!

We needed to find somewhere to take our kids, as the general dentist we were currently going to would not see my son until he was 3. Well now he has some teeth issues due to the wait, but they were able to get in there, make him feel comfortable, and tell us exactly what needs to happen He also walked out with his very own goody bag! Toothbrushes, toothpaste, a toy, a sticker, and a t-shirt. He has been asking to brush his teeth all day!

Kimberly G. | 7/10/2017
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Staff is friendly and professional!

The improvements since Dr. Joshi bought the practice are noticeable. Staff is friendly and professional. Scheduling is a breeze and NO MORE PAPER FORMS to fill out at every single visit! My kids grew up in this practice--as soon as they had teeth, we were there. The environment is so positive, that they have a great attitude--and no fear--of going to the dentist.

Kathy L. | 6/28/2017

Definite Positive Changes!

Definite positive changes have been made since Dr. Joshi took over the practice.  The dental hygienists are very patient and do a great job with my VERY difficult 3 year old.

Kate P. | 6/28/2017
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So Happy We Found DPD!

Took my 5 year old son yesterday morning for his first check-up and to be ready for Kindergarten in the fall. We both had a blast. The entire staff was amazing, you could tell they love their job. The hygienists, x-ray tech, and Doctor really know how to make the little patients feel welcome and part of the experience. So happy we found DPD.

Josh B. | 6/27/2017

This Is Priceless!

My kids are very comfortable going here....this is priceless.

Brenda H. | 6/21/2017
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It Was Nice!

It was nice. Very courteous and thorough. I take both of my daughters at the same time and they explained each circumstance. Sold us a water pick that was on sale for this month only with a $15 rebate attached that we needed for my daughter's braces. Thank you so much for your professionalism and cost savings. :)

P Kiefer | 5/31/2017
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I Love This Office!

I love this office. I never have to wait, all of the staff are friendly and Dr. Joshi takes the time to explain everything.

Nancy K. | 5/21/2017
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5 Star Treatment, Professionalism, Cleanliness, and Friendliness!

First let me say I have a special needs child, and prior to my appt, Aj spent a whopping 40 MINUTES with me on the phone answering all of my questions (I was worried about bringing my son in with his issues) and detailing Dr. Joshi's specialized training with special needs kids. He was also very patient and understanding in answering questions regarding insurance and with changing our appointment. Once we entered the office I was VERY impressed at the array of toys and also the CLEANLINESS!! Everything was immaculate! I am very particular, let me tell you! All the toys and entire office was SO CLEAN! The hygenist was an absolute angel with our son. She was so patient and sweet, and TOTALLY made the cleaning go smoothly! We were so worried the cleaning would be a nightmare because of our son's issues, but the hygenist was MARVELOUS! She was also very knowledgeable and professional. Lastly, Dr. Joshi was AWESOME! She did the exam quickly yet efficiently, and was such a sweetheart with our son. Dr. Joshi was very knowledgeable and professional and we are beyond grateful for the positive experience our son had. He now is not afraid to go to the dentist! At the end he was allowed to pick out stickers, a toothbrush, received a dental goodie bag, and best of all, was given a gold coin which went in a gumball machine, and he received a toy car!!! Aj was also very sweet with our son. This place is awesome! Our son had FUN. I cannot recommend this office enough! They are the BEST!

 | 5/18/2017
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Very Good With Children!

The dentists and assistants were efficient, friendly, and very good with children!

Amy P. | 5/15/2017
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 Great experience!

Great experience all the way around.  Filling out new patient forms was online and straight-forward.  All staff and Dr Joshi were helpful, friendly, and knew how to handle my 3 and 5 year old.  Both my kids are comfortable with the dentist, but none of the staff made any assumptions and handled my children with the utmost care.  They made everything about the experience fun from the time we arrived to the time we left.  5 stars and 2 thumbs up!

Bryan D. | 5/15/2017
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Super kid-friendly!

Super kid-friendly; knowledgable; comfortable space! Great staff and attentive to both children's needs and personalities

Vanessa H. | 5/12/2017
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My kids LOVED it!

Great dentist practice! My kids loved it. They made them feel welcome and comfortable. I would definitely recommend it.

Millie G. | 5/12/2017
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Highly Recommended!

Highly recommended! The whole staff was so helpful and patient, making my daughters first dentist appointment a fun and happy experience for her

Caitlin W. | 5/8/2017
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My daughter LOVED this place!

It was her first dentist visit ever. We watched a few youtube kids videos about what a dentist does, and how they do what they do, which probably helped. Every single employee went above and beyond every expectation I had. I've heard some horror stories, like most moms, so I was a little worried. I walked into their waiting room and immediately felt at ease. Very clean, very tidy, good atmosphere. The dental hygienist that spent so much time with us was FABULOUS. When they took my 4 year old back to do her first set of x-rays, she literally ran back and forth between the room they were in and the room I was in after each picture.. just to let me know how she was doing! I mean, that's good service! The first thing they did when they brought her back was take her to this little station and made a goodie bag right in front of her. Lip gloss, tooth brush, dinosaur floss, tooth paste, stickers, etc. She was SO excited! And let me tell you.. for a child who was NEVER excited to brush her teeth.. after our visit, she's now the one reminding ME that it's time to brush. And get this. FLOSS!! She makes me floss her teeth twice a day! I'm just shocked how receptive my daughter was to all of the staff. They got on her level, explained everything until she understood, and made sure that she was happy. I couldn't be more impressed. Thank you for your top notch service, DuPage Pediatric Dentistry!

Erica G.
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A Great Start For Life Long Support
Positive and fun atmosphere. A great start for a life long need of medical support. My kids enjoy the attention and care provided by the entire team.

Nicole S. | 4/19/2017
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Quick Service
Great with kids and quick service. 

Tim P. | 4/25/2017
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Definitely Recommend!
They are GREAT with kids, definitely recommend!!! 

Kolyssa T. | 4/24/2017
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Worth The Drive
My son just turned 2 in March and this was his first time going in for an exam and cleaning. He came to DPD about 7 months ago when he chipped a tooth and handled that well, so I knew they were great with kids. I wasn't sure what to expect from him getting his teeth cleaned though. The staff was amazing and let him touch all of the instruments before beginning the work. He loved getting his teeth cleaned so much that when they were done he said "more"! I was shocked how much he enjoyed it! We live about 25 minutes away, but it is definitely worth the drive.

Annie W. | 4/11/2017
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Truly Enjoy Our Visits
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. My daughters age 7 and 4 are always excited to go to the dentist. Weird if you ask me! They truly enjoy their visits to the dentist. 

Leticia R. | 4/9/2017
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Kids Are Always Excited To Visit
Dr. Joshi & her staff at DPS Smiles are always warm, friendly & welcoming. The office is clean, full of toys, and the kids are always excited to visit. We're looking forward to many years to come! 

Kelly S. | 4/6/2017
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Highly Recommend
The staff here is amazing! They could not have made my son's first dentist visit any easier. I highly recommend Dr. Joshi and her staff!

Megan K. | 4/16/2017
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Great Practice
My son has special needs and the Dentist and the hygienist are very aware and very kind to him. Great job!

Michael L. | 8/14/2016
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Wonderful Experience
We previously went to a different family dentistry practice. It was pretty rough for me and my 6 year old son. After the wait and 2 fairly painful X-rays, they advised we would have to find a different dentist. Because of this we found DuPage Pediatric Dentistry and I could not be more thankful. From my first experience scheduling the appointment to the extremely helpful website, it was already significantly more enjoyable. During the appointment the staff was wonderful and Dr. Joshi was amazing! My son was immediately made comfortable.

Jaxen A. | 6/29/2016
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Highly Recommend
Could not love this place more. My kids love coming here so much that they actually cried when they lost electricity and had to reschedule. Highly recommend taking your kids here! 

Kari R. | 12/01/2016
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The Dentists and Staff are so caring and helpful. Would definitely recommend them!

Debbie J. | 11/6/2016

Highly Recommend
I have been coming to this office with my 3 children for several years and was very happy with the former dentist. I was admittedly nervous when the practice was sold to Dr Joshi. I have to say, however that our first visit was actually an even better experience than ever. I was allowed to go back with my son for starters (this was strictly forbidden in the past). The technician spent time explaining aspects of my son's case with me prior to Dr. Joshi arriving. The Dr. spent additional time with me and was extremely thorough in her exam. The staff was much friendlier and very professional than the previous staff. Highly recommend Dr. Joshi and Dupage Pediatric Dentistry.

Rose S. | 11/10/2016

Great Experience With 3 Kids
Love this place always! Hillary was patient and kind with my six and two year old. The 9 year old knows the drill. Dr. J. Is the closer with smiles and suggestions to better care for the kids teeth. Everyone left happy with dental goodies and a surprise from a prize dispenser.

Marin G. | 11/03/2016
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Always Look Forward to Coming
My son always looks forward to his appointments at DuPage Pediatric Dentistry. The office staff is friendly and professional. And, they are always timely. Dr. Joshi is easy to relate to and great with kids.

Zechariah P. | 10/05/2016
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Kids & the Dentist
The staff treated my 2 sons with the utmost of care. Although my 5 year old son was use to a dentist, my 2 year old screamed his 1st visit. This time however, he was calmed by the staff who let him touch the instruments before they used them on him. Watching his big brother get a cleaning also helped. Thanks again

Anonymous | 10/04/2016
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Amazing People
LOVE this place the chairs are so comfortable I almost fell asleep! The music is great and me and my Dentists were singing with eachother and having a great time. AMAZING people. 

Olivia C. | 11/17/2016
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Great Experience
Our 3 year old has never been to the dentist until now. She's always done horrible at the doctor, always so shy of strangers and nervous of the tools and instructions like standing on a scale. So of course I was dreading bringing her to the dentist! But I knew it had to be done. Well, yes she did cry, but they handled it amazing - way better than ANY pediatrician or doctor we've been to! I was so impressed I could sing their praises all day. Friendly, professional, patient, experienced, loving, and gentle are just a few words I would use to describe everyone we met! And now my daughter is happily talking all about her experience :) 

Anonymous | 9/08/2016
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I just went for the first time today. The staff was amazingly helpful, answered all my questions, and the dentist (Dr. Joshi), was friendly and responsive. They all interacted beautifully with my daughter, who, at the end of the appointment, kept showing me how amazingly sparkly her teeth were. :) This place clearly caters to wee ones and I'd recommend them wholeheartedly! 

Colette T. | 10/24/2016
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Always Feel Comfortable
As always, excellent individual attention! Be it braces on my oldest or my youngest who is autistic, both my kids have always feel comfortable here.

Stacey F. | 11/16/2016


My Kids Love Going to the Dentist
The staff is super friendly and accomodating of busy schedules. They are very sensitive to my kids' needs, and they have a fun waiting room, so my kids always love going to the dentist!


Emily M. | 10/27/2016


Great, Friendly Staff
DPD has great, friendly staff. Great with my kids. Clean office that has quick service. Highly recommended!

Mike S. | 12/29/2016

Great Visit
Dr. Joshi and staff are remarkable. They bent over backwards to accommodate our busy schedule which included simultaneous appointments for our 4 children at a time convenient for us. Each child received the individualized care they needed and made going to the dentist fun. Thanks for treating us with care.

Anonymous | 12/19/2016
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Caring, Patient & Gentle Care
Finding Professionals willing and able to work with a child with special needs, especially one that has been described by other medical professionals as difficult and combative- is very difficult. To find a practice willing to do more than tolerate my daughters difficulties, but embrace her and proactively work to make her as comfortable as possible, is a tremendous help. Dupage Pediatric Dentistry has been a blessing to our family

Rachel W. | 12/13/2016
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We Very Highly Recommend Dr. Joshi
We highly recommend Dr. Joshi and her staff. My son was totally receptive the whole time in the chair. He even said he wanted to come back! Also, the little gift bag and toy machine were definitely a hit. 

Jillian H. | 12/08/2016
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Long Time Patients
I have 7 children and we are long time patients. My kids never give my a problem about going to the dentist here, now mind you we live in joliet so it's about 40 minutes from our home so its definitely worth the drive. Friendly staff and always explains everything to my children and myself. We almost never have to wait I would recommend the dentist.

Nicole A. | 1/05/2016
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My Son Was Thrilled
It's a pleasure coming here! Even though we miss Dr. Kirtland (so happy for her new adventure in life!), she has handed off the practice to an equally wonderful doctor(s) and staff! My son, Will, was thrilled to get his new toothbrush; it was yellow!! His favorite color! Thank you! 

Lucy B. | 1/12/2017
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Kudos To All
We took our two young daughters earlier today for a 6 month clean and check. Everyone at the office is very professional and did a great job being so patient yet focused in what they needed to do to get us out the door in a timely manner. Overall it was a great experience and will definitely return. Kudos to all involved with our two girls.

Nia M. | 1/23/2017
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So Happy We Found This Office
We love DPD!! 2nd visit to the dentist and my daughter was actually thrilled to be there. The tech greeted her in the waiting room to bring her back and showed her around. Made her feel so comfortable. Dr. Joshi is awesome! Very personable and informative! The billing staff is so helpful too. I am so happy we found this office!! My daughter turned one bad experience elsewhere into a great one here. Thanks DPD!!

Amanda W. | 2/10/2017
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Great First Visit
We had a great first visit! The team at DPD are extremely informative and accommodating. They made us feel comfortable and kept it light, which I think my child appreciated. It helps with what is normally a stressful experience. A lot of work was recommended, but It was sincere and didn't feel like an up-sell. We'll definitely keep coming back. 

Anonymous | 2/8/2017
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Absolutely Wonderful
Dr. Joshi and her staff were absolutely wonderful! It was my 2 year old's first visit to the dentist and they did everything they could to give him a thorough check-up despite his tantrum. My four year old loves going- they have made it a very inviting atmosphere. Our previous experience at another dentist was not great; but they rose up to the challenge and exceeded expectations! Thank you for your great care!

Leanne K | 2/7/2017
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My son is 3 with sensory issues and they did a wonderful job. Thank you!

Anonymous | 2/7/2017
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Everyone is Outstanding
Everyone is outstanding! We went there for the first time today (I have 4 year old twins).  They were very impressed with the toys in the waiting room. I was very impressed with the care and patience the staff had with my terrified and strong willed child.  We've been to another dentist twice, but this is the first time she's made it all the way through a whole appt. Thanks!

E.L. | 2/23/2017

#1 In My Book
Greatest Peds Dentist around!! Dr. Joshi and her staff put my some at ease. At my old dentist office it was a struggle to get him not to freak out at any movement the staff would make around him. Here at DPD they explain everything as they go and he is at ease with some of the not so pleasant things dentists do;) #1 in my book!!!!!!

Kimberly S. | 3/6/2017
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Honest and Friendly
Dr. Joshi and staff are phenomenal! Today was my daughter's first dental appointment and I was worried that she would be scared. However, it was quite the opposite experience... she didn't want to leave at the end of her appointment because she was having so much fun! The staff there is patient, kind, very thorough and make it so fun for the kids. Such a great atmosphere. What's not to love about getting stickers, a new toothbrush, a t-shirt and picking out a toy! We'll definitely be back in 6 months for her next check-up. Highly recommend this pediatric dental practice if you're looking for a clean, honest and friendly approach.

Alexis E. | 3/11/2017
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Very Good With Little Ones
Very friendly staff. Very good with little ones. I was nervous when ownership changed but things have been great. My almost-four-year-old just left the dentist's office smiling and happy. I wish I could say that after my dentist visits when I was a kid! I highly recommend this office.

Janel B. | 3/12/2017
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We Loved Our First Visit
We loved our first visit to this office! The entire staff was friendly, attentive, and full of smiles. Our daughter is only 11 months old but she giggled all the way through her appointment. We will definitely be returning. 

Christina M. | 3/13/2017
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Wonderful Practice
We have been going to this practice for 5 years. I was nervous when it was sold but I can say the service and Dr Joshi is even better than before - if that's possible!. Wonderful practice! Our boys are happy to go!

Peter M. | 3/16/2017
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Extremely Kid Friendly
Extremely kid friendly staff. Patient and kind. As long as we're in the area they will be our kids dentist!

Jordana R. | 3/16/2017
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Take Great Care of Special Needs Son
They are super friendly and take great care of my special needs son.

Noelle B. | 3/16/2017
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Scheduling Was a Breeze
Scheduling was a breeze, the staff was sweet and patient with my 6 and 3 year old. My kids wanted to stay after their appointment just to play in the waiting room. Despite having a cavity was 6 year old was not afraid to come back and have it filled and that is priceless

Maureen C. | 3/20/2017
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Organized & Friendly
Office staff was organized and friendly. The waiting area was big and had plenty of toys. They gave my two and a half year old their full attention which made it a success. We will definitely be returning.

Julia M. | 3/20/2017
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Very Pleasant
It was fast, efficient , and very pleasant experience!

Scott F. | 3/30/2017
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Always provide thorough care for my son:) 

Joy T. | 3/30/2017
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I love DPD. What an amazing practice!!!!

Lisa B. | 4/3/2017
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Focused on Preventing Problems
Friendly staff, with a focus on preventing dental problems. They were able to adjust my appointment time at the last minute to help me avoid a cancellation fee.

Heidi P. | 4/3/2017
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Friendly & Fun
The environment is friendly and fun. Kids aren't scared to go to the dentist. Staff is also very nice and helpful.

Linda P. | 4/5/2017
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Thank You, DPD!
Very friendly and caring staff! So far happy with our experience! Thank you, DPD!

Gayla S | 4/5/2017
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They Go Out of Their Way
My experience with DuPage Pediatric Dentistry has been fantastic. They are always so organized with scheduling. Dr. Joshi cares about her patients, as she calls to follow up with her patients. The staff is very friendly and they go out of their way to make sure patients are comfortable. I would highly recommend them.

Julio R. | 4/2/2017
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Can't Say Enough Good Things
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Joshi and her entire office staff. The level of patient/customer service is outstanding. Dr. Joshi and her staff are extremely professional, highly knowledgeable and overall kind and welcoming. All of my kids feel completely comfortable. They take their time and explain things clearly and take pride in providing the highest level of patient care. Definitely consider Dr. Joshi for your pediatric dental needs! 

Kelly C. | 3/21/2017
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The Kiddos Left Smiling
Dr Joshi and her team were amazing!!! From the moment we walked in we were greeted with smiles! Lots of toys up front to keep the kids occupied until their name is called. The team saw my 3 year old and one year old and everything went smoothly! All actions were thoroughly explained so no surprises! The kiddos left the building smiling with handfuls of special prizes! Highly recommended! I will be returning this week with my 5 year old and I'm sure he will love everything about it!

Marilyn K. | 3/20/2017
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