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It took 9 years of higher education in order to complete my training as a pediatric dentist. And yet it only takes 9 months to become a mother. The blending of these two entities, dentist and mother, creates an exponential challenge in itself and one that will likely take more than 9 years to solve. However, great mothers are always able to multitask and improvise even when working. I am first hand witnessing this more since returning back to my dental home. I was never fully prepared by just how motherhood would impact me as a career woman, dentist and business entrepreneur. Sure, it's challenging, nonetheless, I wouldn't change it for the world. Watching my son Sahil learn and grow every day has been so rewarding. Motherhood has taught me patience and moreover how to cope and treat new and challenging cases in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. Dentistry is my passion, and I never thought about getting out or taking a break. The whole process of becoming a mother has also become one of my greatest achievements and it's a role that I don't take lightly either. I am back with a new outlook on life as a new mother and am happy to share my own experiences and stories.


From day one, the doctors told me something I was not prepared to handle as a mother. Even though I had the training and experience, I was surprised to hear that my son was tongue tied. The journey from that day till now has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Pediatricians said it was minor and nothing to worry about. Lactation consultants encouraged working around it but to no conclusion. Feedings were no fun as my frustrated baby boy would start biting in an effort to compensate for his inability to latch. Forced to supplement, I was taught my first lesson as a parent - things do not go as planned! After finding a certified lactation consultant, we successfully diagnosed the problem - Sahil was tongue-tied and lip-tied! He had a short attachment to the muscles in his tongue and upper lip (frenum), restraining movement and of course affecting his feeding. After attempting every conservative approach recommended, we decided to have this treated (frenectomy) via laser. Many parents have heard me recommend this because the procedure is quicker, more comfortable and easier on the child and parent. Within a few minutes everything is completed as no stitches are needed and minimal bleeding occurs!

My time off gave me the opportunity to really consider how I wanted to come back and what I wanted to accomplish for our rockstar families. My interest in pediatrics began after my own dental experiences - trust me I have plenty to share about that! Similarly, this one initial experience regarding Sahil made me want to help other parents, especially mothers, struggling to get their child to latch/feed or articulate. Collaboration is always key and I will work with lactation consultants and speech therapists to help make sure each child has had every opportunity to receive conservative therapies and treatments. It is thus with great excitement that I announce the first ever laser at DPD Smiles. This laser will surely make you smile when you hear the many things it can do: frenectomies, gingival exposures for orthodontics, TMJ pain relief, tooth whitening, and best of all- cavity repairs! That's right - no more drills and no numbing!


Your trust in me and my DPD Smiles team is always appreciated as is feedback on how we can improve your experience. This is why we are constantly expanding at DPD Smiles. With the latest state of the art equipment, your experience includes features such as safe digital imaging, gag free digital impressions, and two way electronic communication such as text messaging! We have around the clock emergency training, environmentally friendly practices, HIPAA and OSHA compliant safe space, and so much more. On top of that, we are the only full service pediatric practice to now offer orthodontic treatment in house. Oh and did we mention that we now have the ability to provide pain free cavity treatments and other oral treatment corrections via our super duper fancy hard/soft tissue laser?!

This is your dental home and we want it to feel like home, or even better! So sit back, relax and let the kids and our team surprise you at your next visit!


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