I.V. Sedation


PDAAPediatric Dental Anesthesia Associates is comprised of medical doctors (MDs) who are board certified anesthesiologists in the subspecialty of pediatric anesthesia and have extensive proficiency in caring for children in the pediatric dental office setting. Our team is rounded out by child friendly nurses with pediatric expertise that are devoted to creating the safest, most comfortable, and pleasant experience for your child.

IV sedation involves administering a sedative through a vein, enabling the medication to take affect very quickly. As such, it is easy to tailor the amount of sedative used for each specific patient, reducing the risk of complications and side effects.

By utilizing IV sedation, our physicians provide the following benefits:

  • Stronger sedative effect when compared to nitrous oxide
  • Eases severe anxiety and reduced the gag reflex
  • No narcotics or opioids used in treatment
  • Less invasive approach and effects of medication act quicker
  • Children retain their ability to breathe during treatment
  • Less post-operative delirium, agitation, nausea, and instances of croup or bronchospasm
  • Overall faster and more peaceful recovery
  • No intubation or breathing tube needed
  • Most patients feel calm and sleepy - they usually remain in a semiawake state and are still able to communicate with the dentist and physician though most patients have little or even no memory of the procedure when IV sedation is used

Many patients fear going to the dentist or avoid dental procedures because of anxiety. Not getting the dental care you need, however, can have serious oral health and overall health consequences. New sedation options are helping many patients to now successfully overcome fear, anxiety and discomfort.